About naturalhealthcaretoday.com Our mission here at Naturalhealthcaretoday.com is to offer our visitors a useful guide and starting point when discussing your individual requirements with your chosen practitioner The aim is to give you, the visitor, a platform on which you can build a dialogue with your chosen therapist, thus enabling a situation where pertinent questions can be asked with confidence. You can even make suggestions about alternative health treatments using our Forum. The products and services stated on the site give a flavour of the alternative remedies and therapists available. The recommendations and suggestions are also of a general nature and individual therapists will have their own views and suggestions and, of course, will advise on products, proportions and applications. We have offered a comprehensive list of practitioners and suppliers of alternative therapies and remedies in your area. We try to ensure that your chosen therapist will only be a short distance from your home or place of work. It is always advisable that you consult a qualified practitioner before trying any of the products or therapies suggested on this site.

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