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What is it?
The patient’s skin and the whites of the eyes turn a sticky yellow due to the presence in the bloodstream of a yellow pigment called bilirubin. Normally the pigment is passed by the liver into the intestine where it causes the stools to be coloured brown. The yellowing may be a symptom of serious underlying disease such as cancer, cirrhosis or hepatitis. The most comon type of jaundice in young healthy people is a virus disease infectious jaundice or hepatitis. Less common, but much more dangerous is hepatitis B. Otherwise healthy babies often suffer from jaundice during the first week of life but the condition is not serious and quickly passes. It is a normal result of the destruction of excess red blood cells that are not needed once the baby can breath. Warning Jaundice can induce, serious possibly fatal disease. As soon as it is suspected, medical advise should be sought.
Yellow skin, yellow eyes.
Conventional Practice:
Once jaundice has been diagnosed, a doctor will try to determine the root cause of the disease.
Alternative Treatments:
  Herbal Medicine
  The medicinal use of herbs is said to be as old as mankind itself. Tribes still use their traditional knowledge of plant and their healing properties passed on from generation to generation. The armies of slave workers who laboured to build the Egyptian pyramids took a daily ration of garlic to ward off the pestilential fevers and infections that were rife at the time. More Info
  Naturopathy has concentrated on helping the body to cure itself. It aims to do this by means of various therapies, chiropractic, diets and dieting, exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, osteopathy, relaxation and breathing, and yoga. It also encourages people to think positively in terms of good health. More Info
  Reflexologists treat diseases in parts of the body they claim to be related to reflex areas. It is thought that illness occurs when energy channels in the body are blocked, causing damage to one area or another. Massage is aimed at destroying these blocks, allowing the energy to flow freely again and so heal the damage. More Info

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