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Manic Depressive Disorders
What is it?
Sufferers from manic depressive illness experience excessive mood swings ranging from extreme elation to profound Depression. Symptoms may include over confidence, talkativeness, extravagance and hyperactivity. When they are depressed, sufferers may be withdrawn and introverted. Swings from mania to depression may be sudden and are usually unpredictable. Symptoms of manic depressive disorders may resemble those of schizophrenia.
Mood swings, depression, elation and talkativeness, over confidence, withdrawn, hyperactivity.
Conventional Practice:
Doctors treat attacks of mania with tranquillisers and depression with anti-depressant drugs. The mainstay of medical treatment is lithium carbonate taken daily is a mood regulator. Regular blood tests ensure that does of lithium is adequate.
Alternative Treatments:
  Treating illness with highly concentrated oils extracted from plants is known as aromatherapy. These highly scented extracts-called essences or essential oils-contain the substances that give plants their smell. Aromatherapists believe that many also have medicinal properties. More Info
  Homoeopathy aims to treat the whole person. Illness is seen as a sign of disharmony or inner imbalance. More Info
  Naturopathy has concentrated on helping the body to cure itself. It aims to do this by means of various therapies, chiropractic, diets and dieting, exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, osteopathy, relaxation and breathing, and yoga. It also encourages people to think positively in terms of good health. More Info

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