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What is it?
This phase of a woman’s life, when her ovaries stop producing eggs and her fertility declines and eventually ceases. Bound up with this physical process are several psychological factors: these feelings are added to, and may outweigh, any physical discomforts or disturbances caused by complex changes in hormone balance. Bleeding or spotting between normal period, or after sexual intercourse, should always be discussed with your doctor promptly. During the menopause, the ovaries reduce and finally cease production of oestrogen, loss of oestrogen brings symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating at night, uncomfortable lack of lubricating fluid in the vagina, and a more frequent need to pass urine. During the menopause, many women suffer with anxiety, irrtability, lack of concentration, insomnia, mood swings or even depression.
Hot flushes, spotting, sweating, irrtability, lack of concentraction, mood swings, vaginal dryness.
Conventional Practice:
Regular exercise and a balanced diet help minimise menopausal symptoms. Drugs such as clonidine can alleviate hot flushes and oestrogen cream eases vaginal dryness. Orthodox medicine also offers hormone repalcement.
Alternative Treatments:
  Naturopathy has concentrated on helping the body to cure itself. It aims to do this by means of various therapies, chiropractic, diets and dieting, exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, osteopathy, relaxation and breathing, and yoga. It also encourages people to think positively in terms of good health. More Info
  An ancient Chinese therapy, patients are treated by sticking needles into their skin at particular points. These acupuncture points lie along invisible energy channels called meridians. The needles are said to unblock a flow of energy (called Qi) through the meridians. More Info
  Moxibustion is a way of applying heat locally to regulate; tone and supplement of the bodys flow of Qi (vital energy), and has been found especially useful for relieving post-operative pain and for conditions such as arthritis. More Info
  Herbal Medicine
  The medicinal use of herbs is said to be as old as mankind itself. Tribes still use their traditional knowledge of plant and their healing properties passed on from generation to generation. The armies of slave workers who laboured to build the Egyptian pyramids took a daily ration of garlic to ward off the pestilential fevers and infections that were rife at the time. More Info
  Homoeopathy aims to treat the whole person. Illness is seen as a sign of disharmony or inner imbalance. More Info
  Treating illness with highly concentrated oils extracted from plants is known as aromatherapy. These highly scented extracts-called essences or essential oils-contain the substances that give plants their smell. Aromatherapists believe that many also have medicinal properties. More Info

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