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Muscular Dystrophy
What is it?
It is a muscle-wasting disease commonly called simply MD. It is hereditary and cannot be reversed. The duchenne-type begins in childhood and affects only boys between 4 and 10 years old. It starts with weakness in the leg. In facio-scapular-humeral MD, the face, shoulders and arms are mostly affected. The disease tend to strike during the teens or young adults of both sexes. Limb girdle MD affects the shoulders or hips during the 20’s or 30’s in both sexes. In certain cases of MD, the muscles are enlarged but weak.
Weakness in legs, enlarged but weak muscles, wasting muscles.
Conventional Practice:
There is still no cure for muscular dystrophy. Doctors confirm their diagnosis by finding raised level of muscles enzymes, or ferments, in blood samples and by surgical removal and examination of a small sample of muscle.
Alternative Treatments:
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