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Nervous Disorders
What is it?
Nervous disorders fall into two main groups. The first group, known as neurosis are generally less severe and sufferers responses to situation may seem exaggerated or inappropriate to outsiders, but they remain in touch with reality. The second and more severe group, is psychosis, patients are cut off to a greater or lesser extent from the reality of the world around them. Anxiety neurosis may lead to panic attacks and palpitation, shortness of breath and the sensation of imminent disaster. Other sufferers develop phobias of going outdoors, of confined spaces, of heights, and so on. Neurotic depression is another excessive response to stress. Sufferers find everything an effort, and cannot get to sleep. Hysteria is another neurotic condition in which a person subconsciously develops symptoms of physical disease such as paralysis of an arm or leg.
Anxiety, palpitations, panic attacks, shortness of breath, phobias of outside and confined spaces, paralysis of arm or leg.
Conventional Practice:
The treatment of nervous disorders depends on diagnosis and the skill of a doctor specialising in mental problems and possibly a psychologist would be required. Treatment may include psychotherapy, drug treatment or both.
Alternative Treatments:
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