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What is it?
Women who are past the menopause are the principal sufferers of this disorder. The bones become progressively thinner, weaker and more brittle. Osteoporosis can affect people who are in their mid twenties. The spine gradually becomes shorter and more curved, resulting in loss of height and hunching of the shoulders known as dowager’s hump. The brittle bones are easily broken especially at the hip or waist. Osteoporosis can be caused by prolonged treatment of steroid drugs and is aggravated by lack of exercise and poor diet.
Hunched back, brittle bones, thin bones.
Conventional Practice:
Doctors recommend regular exercise to prevent the onset of osteoporosis. The most successful conventional treatment is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). However, in some cases it can have some unwanted, and occasionally serious side effects.
Alternative Treatments:
  Yoga is a system of spiritual, mental and physical training. YogaпїЅs underlining philosophy stresses the influence of mind over body, and holds that mental and spiritual development are necessary to reinforce the benefits that the physical exercises can bring. More Info
  Naturopathy has concentrated on helping the body to cure itself. It aims to do this by means of various therapies, chiropractic, diets and dieting, exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, osteopathy, relaxation and breathing, and yoga. It also encourages people to think positively in terms of good health. More Info
  Homoeopathy aims to treat the whole person. Illness is seen as a sign of disharmony or inner imbalance. More Info

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