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What is it?
The medical terms for this condition are primary and secondary enuresis. Both alternative and conventional practitioners stress the importance of not making the child feel shame, and of avoiding all forms of punishment or forceful methods of trying to make the child overcome the problem. By the age of two and a half, two out of every three children are usually dry in the daytime, and half of them are dry through the night. Most primary enuresis is caused by a slow development of bladder control. The usual cause of secondary enuresis is some anxiety or psychological upset, such as parental rows. Other causes of bedwetting are urinary infections or a congenital bladder abnormality. Bedwetting can also be used by the child as an attention-seeking ploy.
Bedwetting, bladder problems.
Conventional Practice:
A doctor may recommend the counselling or buzzer conditioning treatments. He will first encourage both parents and child to keep in mind that the problem is most likely to disappear of its own accord, and to accept bedwetting as part of the childs natural development. The child may be encouraged to talk about his or her worries or fears. The child may be told to visit the lavatory last thing before bed. In difficult cases, perhaps involving a physical abnormality, the doctor may call for a specialist.
Alternative Treatments:
  Herbal Medicine
  The medicinal use of herbs is said to be as old as mankind itself. Tribes still use their traditional knowledge of plant and their healing properties passed on from generation to generation. The armies of slave workers who laboured to build the Egyptian pyramids took a daily ration of garlic to ward off the pestilential fevers and infections that were rife at the time. More Info

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