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What is it?
A virus infection. There is generally fever, a sore throat or headaches, lasting a few days. Fortunately, most people only suffer the early symptoms and do not develop the full-blown version of the disease. Only a minority of those infected go on to develop encephalitis – inflammation of the brain. Polio, as it is commonly called, usually strikes in epidemics – and is mostly restricted to developing countries and areas where sanitation is inadequate. The virus is excreted in the faeces of someone infected, and infects others who come into direct contact with the faeces, through drinking water or poor personal hygiene. Warning Polio is a notifiable disease and suspected cases must be seen by a doctor.
Fever, sore throat, severe headache, inflammation of the brain, drowsiness, neck stiffness, cramping and spasms.
Conventional Practice:
Polio can be prevented by adequate sanitation and personal hygiene, and by immunisation of children and travellers. When polio develops, there is no specific cure, but rest, skilled nursing will aid the patient until recorvery.
Alternative Treatments:
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