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Psychosomatic illness
What is it?
According to believers in psychosomatic illness, stress related ailments such as asthma and migraine have two main self induced causes. These are, an excessive release of hormones into the bloodstream causing changes in various parts of the body and hyperactivity of the nervous system releasing too much adrenaline into the stream. Both these conditions occur when emotions such as anger, depression, guilt and hate are bottled up or belatedly released. In turn, this can give rise to a variety of symptoms, such as teeth-grinding, headaches, stomach rumblings and diarrhoea. If the symptoms psersist they may lead to more serious complaints such as high blood pressure and peptic ulcers. Despite an increasing acceptance of genuine pain and worry caused by psyuchosomatic illness, may patients object to the term which they think, smacks of perfectly healthy people imagining that they are ill.
Stress-related ailments such as asthma and migraine, anger, depression, guilt and hate, teeth-grinding, headaches, stomach rumblings and diarrhoea.
Conventional Practice:
There are two extreme and contradictory schools of thought among doctors regarding psychosomatic illnes – the belief that physical illness can be caused by the workings of the mind. The first school believes that all illness is psychosomatic, in that it affects both mind and body. The second shcool dismisses psychosomatic illness entirely. Until recently, treatment was based upon combination of tranquillising drugs and psychotherapy. These have now been augmented by numerous alternative remedies, which are said to be highly effective.
Alternative Treatments:
  Somewhere between wakefulness and sleep is the state of consciousness that hypnotherapists use to try and improve a persons health. More Info

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