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Teeth Grinding
What is it?
Abnormal pressure on the jaw joints is usually responsible for this night-time symptom. When the joints are under strain the jaw muscles contract and tense up, grinding the teeth together during sleep. Teeth-grinding may eventually lead to disorders of the jaw joint, known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Symptoms may include clicking and pain in the jaw, and sometimes referred pain felt as headaches, earache, painful sinuses, soreness of the throat or neck. If strain due to teeth-grinding persists without treatment, arthritis in the temporomandibular joints may eventually develop.
Clicking and pain in the jaw, headaches, earache, painful sinuses, soreness of the throat or neck, arthritis in the temporomandibular joints.
Conventional Practice:
If you develop pain in one or both jaw joints, or a headache when chewing, see your dentist to check that your teeth and bite are even. If they are not, he can build up your teeth to protect you from arthritis in the joints and to relieve headaches and other associated pains. If the pain is severe, an anti-inflammatory painkiller such as ibuprofen should help.
Alternative Treatments:
  An ancient Chinese therapy, patients are treated by sticking needles into their skin at particular points. These acupuncture points lie along invisible energy channels called meridians. The needles are said to unblock a flow of energy (called Qi) through the meridians. More Info
  Osteopathy aims to diagnose and treat medical problems in the framework. These problems may be caused by injury or stress. Osteopaths believe that when the structure of the body is sound, it will work just like a well-tuned engine. Osteopaths use their hands for massaging and manipulating the framework to restore normal, more comfortable function. More Info
  Acupressure is a mixture of massage and acupuncture, and is thought to be the forerunner of acupuncture. Instead of inserting needles, practitioners use firm thumb or fingertip massage on pain relieving pressure points. Acupressure is used to balance a flow of energy called Qi, which is believed to run through invisible channels known as meridians. More Info
  Therapeutic massage has grown into the art of creating and maintaining the best possible health for its devotees. It does this by relaxing, stimulating and invigorating mind and body. More Info

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