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What is it?
The two most common forms of epilepsy are called Grand mal and Petit mal. Grand mal normally affects adults who sometimes froth at the mouth and are in danger of swallowing their tongue. Petit mal affects youngsters between about four years and their late teens. The main cause of epilepsy is excessive electrical discharges amongst some of the brain’s nerve cells. Epilepsy sometimes run in families and affects about 4 in a thousand people. Sufferers should always carry a card or tag stating their problem in case they collapse in public.
Fits, froth at the mouth.
Conventional Practice:
Some doctors favour the use of alternative medicines. The importance of healthy eating and relaxation is also stressed. A course of yoga may well be advised. Anti-convulsant drugs may be prescribed for controlling fits.
Alternative Treatments:
  Naturopathy has concentrated on helping the body to cure itself. It aims to do this by means of various therapies, chiropractic, diets and dieting, exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, osteopathy, relaxation and breathing, and yoga. It also encourages people to think positively in terms of good health. More Info
  Treating illness with highly concentrated oils extracted from plants is known as aromatherapy. These highly scented extracts-called essences or essential oils-contain the substances that give plants their smell. Aromatherapists believe that many also have medicinal properties. More Info
  Osteopathy aims to diagnose and treat medical problems in the framework. These problems may be caused by injury or stress. Osteopaths believe that when the structure of the body is sound, it will work just like a well-tuned engine. Osteopaths use their hands for massaging and manipulating the framework to restore normal, more comfortable function. More Info

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