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What is it?
Fear sharpens the senses, gives extra strength and quickens reactions to respond to danger. Sometimes, however, fear seems to be excessive for the circumstances. Occasionally it continues long after the danger has passed. People who suffer from this sort of fear have difficulty coping with the demands of everyday life and find it hard to relax to enjoy themselves. Irrational fear is provoked by particular objects or situations such as spiders, heights or flying, which is known as phobia. In some cases the victim experiences sudden, severe panic attacks in crowded or closed-in public places. Sometimes the causes of these irrational fears stem from events far in the past such as childhood fear of the dark. Severe or longlasting feelings of fear need to be treated by a doctor or qualified psychotherapist.
Anxiety, flying and spider phobias, panic attacks.
Conventional Practice:
When fear becomes a phobia doctors usually refer patients to a behavioural psychologist.
Alternative Treatments:
  Yoga is a system of spiritual, mental and physical training. YogaпїЅs underlining philosophy stresses the influence of mind over body, and holds that mental and spiritual development are necessary to reinforce the benefits that the physical exercises can bring. More Info

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