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Hip Complaints
What is it?
Inflammation and softening of the top of thigh bone in children or fracture or arthritis in older people can cause the bone and joint surfaces to become deformed so that movement is limited and painful. Pain in the hip may also be caused by back or knee complaint. Physical examination of the hip will help to diagnose the cause of the pain.
Inflammation in the thigh bone, arthritis, pain in the hip, back and knee.
Conventional Practice:
Doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory pain killers such as Ibuprofen and naproxen to relieve symptoms but these can sometimes have side effects such as rashes or digestive upsets. In severe cases, surgeons may replace a damaged joint with a metal artificial one. Hip replacement operations have proved to be extremely successful nowadays.
Alternative Treatments:
  Therapeutic massage has grown into the art of creating and maintaining the best possible health for its devotees. It does this by relaxing, stimulating and invigorating mind and body. More Info
  Osteopathy aims to diagnose and treat medical problems in the framework. These problems may be caused by injury or stress. Osteopaths believe that when the structure of the body is sound, it will work just like a well-tuned engine. Osteopaths use their hands for massaging and manipulating the framework to restore normal, more comfortable function. More Info
  An ancient Chinese therapy, patients are treated by sticking needles into their skin at particular points. These acupuncture points lie along invisible energy channels called meridians. The needles are said to unblock a flow of energy (called Qi) through the meridians. More Info

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