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Natural food sources of minerals
Mineral BORON
Natural food sources: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, wine, cider, beer
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Depressed growth, osteoporosis
Health benefits: Proper mineral absorption
Natural food sources: Leafy green vegetables, milk, cheese, yoghurt, shellfish, bone meal, almonds, liver, sardines, pilchards, cereals
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Back and leg pains, heart palpitations, tetany, brittle bones, insomnia, tooth decay, muscle pains
Health benefits: Necessary for development of healthy strong bones and teeth; assists blood clotting, nerve transmission and tranquillisation, heart rhythm
Mineral CESIUM
Natural food sources: Foods grown in mineral rich soil
Health benefits: Energy, brain function, cancer prevention
Natural food sources: Whole grain cereals, clams, corn oil, brewer’s yeast, fresh fruits, nuts, liver, kidney, beef
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Depressed growth rate, atherosclerosis, intolerance in diabetics, may cause irritability, confusion, weakness, depression
Health benefits: Increases effectiveness of insulin, healthy blood circulatory system; synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol and protein
Mineral COBALT
Natural food sources: Meats, leafy green vegetables, fruits, poultry, milk, clams, organ meats, kidney, eggs
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Retarded growth rate, pernicious anaemia, weak muscles, bowel disorders, nerve disorders
Health benefits: Maintains red blood cells; functions as part of B-12; activates some enzymes in body
Mineral COPPER
Natural food sources: Soybeans, raisins, nuts, bone meal, organ meats, fish, molasses, shelfish, cocoa, liver, kidney, brewers yeast
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Skin sores, impaired respiration, general weakness, changes in hair colour and texture (not greying), diarrhoea
Health benefits: Part of many enzymes; works with vitamin C to form elastin; formation of red blood cells; colour of hair and skin; good for bone formation
Mineral IODINE
Natural food sources: Mushrooms, iodised salt, fish, kelp, meats, fresh vegetables
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Obesity, irritably, dry hair, nervousness, cold hands and feet, goitre
Health benefits: Regulates energy production and rate of metabolism, enhances thyroid function, needed for prevention of goiter, good for healthy hair, skin, nails, teeth
Mineral IRON
Natural food sources: Cherry juice, liver, eggs, fish, wheat germ, leafy green vegetables, shredded wheat, dried fruits, poultry, red meat, kidney, nuts, cereals
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Weakness, difficulty in breathing, anaemia, constipation, brittle nails
Health benefits: Promotes protein metabolism; stress and disease resistance; promotes growth; good for healthy teeth, skin, nails, bones
Natural food sources: Food growth in mineral rich soil
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Depressed growth, reduced fertility, reduced longevity, depression
Health benefits: Proper endocrine regulation, brain function
Natural food sources: Molasses, whole grains, honey, nuts, tuna, bran, green vegetables, bone meal, fish, cereals, milk, eggs, meat, peanuts, shellfish, pulses
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Confusion, nervousness, tremors, nausea, weakness, muscle cramps, insomnia, loss of apetite, premenstural tension.
Health benefits: Catalyst in the utilization of carbohydrate-fat-protein, phosphorus, calcium, potassium; good for energy; healthy maintenance of bones, arteries, heart, nerves, teeth
Natural food sources: Milk, dairy products, grains, buckwheat, barley, oats, liver, pulses
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Depressed growth, low appetite, impaired reproduction and fertility, impotence, increased dental caries
Health benefits: Proper mental function, proper amino acid metabolism, male sexual function, reduced dental caries
Mineral NICKEL
Natural food sources: Chocolate, nuts, dried beans, grains
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Depressed growth dermatitis
Health benefits: Optimal growth, healthy skin, bone structure
Natural food sources: Milk/milk products, bone meal, nuts, cheese, eggs, fish, grains, poultry, pulses
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Pyorrhoea, weight loss, appetite loss, irregular breathing, fatigue nervousness, overweight, weakness, stiff joints
Health benefits: Works with calcium to form bones, teeth; cell growth and repair
Natural food sources: Meats, whole grains, dried fruits, dates, figs, peaches, nuts, seafood, bananas, apricots, vegetables, potatoes, cereals, milk, tea, coffee
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, poor reflexes, dry skin, nervousness, irregular heartbeat (slow), insomnia, vomiting, pins and needles, low blood pressure, appetite loss
Health benefits: Controls activity of heart muscles, nervous system, kidneys; rapid growth; muscle contractions; nerve tranquillisation
Natural food sources: Broccoli, onions, tuna, herring, bran and wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, whole grain, seafood, egg yolk, garlic, kidney
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Premature aging, cardiovascular desease, types of anaemia
Health benefits: Works with vitamin E; preserves tissue elasticity; protein utilization, proper functionong of red and white blood cells
Natural food sources: Unrefined high-fibre grains, cereal products, root vegetables
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Impaired formation of bone and cartilage
Health benefits: Essential for the repair, maintenance and formation of healthy connective tissue
Natural food sources: Shellfish, mushrooms, parsley, dill seed, black pepper
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Depressed growth, plasma cholesterol
Health benefits: Regulation of energy production, enhances bone and tooth formation
Mineral ZINC
Natural food sources: Brewer’s yeast, fish, soybeans, liver, spinach, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, red meat, egg yolk, dairy produce, cereals, seafood, wholegrain flour
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms: Sterility, delayed sexual maturity, loss of taste, poor appetite, fatigue, retarded growth, slow physical, mental and sexual development, infertility
Health benefits: Aids in digestion and metabolism of phosphorus and protein; component of insulin and male reproductive fluid; burn and wound healing process

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