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The most abundant hormone in the bloodstream, dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA, is called the “mother” or precursor hormone, because the body readily converts it on demand into active hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, cortisone and progesterone. DHEA seems to be the only hormone that declines with age in both men and women, and its decline triggers age-related disease. Much like human growth hormone and melatonin it is produced adundantly during youth but after the age of 25 production begins to wane. Research has shown DHEA has many functions in the body pertaining to health and longevity and it may have a profound effect on quality of life by preventing the onset of the signs of middle age such as: dry eyes, dry skin, sagging muscles and decreased sexual function, whilst increasing energy. According to scientists, the decline of DHEA in the body is the most reliable indicator of ageing and susceptibility to disease. Most age researchers agree that to retard ageing and prevent disease, DHEA blood levels must be maintained at levels found in people in their 20’s, as DHEA appears to create a stabilizing effect on all body systems.

Libido and Sex Drive

In men DHEA can be very helpful in rejuvenating the libido. One study by the Massachusets Male Aging Society found male impotency increased 3-fold with age. Of 17 hormones measured only one was consistently lower in impotent men and that was DHEA. In one study over a 12 year period consisting of 242 middle-aged and elderly men, small doses of DHEA appeared to be linked with a 48% reduction in death from heart disease, and a 36% reduction in death from other causes. Another study of middle aged & elderly men taking DHEA found benefits including better ability to cope with stress, increased mobility, decreased pain & higher quality sleep.


DHEA has been used for decades to treat menopause related depression. Post-menopausal women experience a decrease in estrogen, supplementing with DHEA appears to be a way to naturally increase estrogen levels. One study showed women taking DHEA had an 8% to 10% decrease in total cholesterol levels which translates into a 16% to 20% decrease in the risk of developing heart disease. DHEA may also protect against enzyme processes responsible for plaque formation in the arteries, and help reduce appetite and curb weight gain – major contributory factors in heart disease.

Cancer Aid

Recent studies have also demonstrated that of 5,000 women monitored, those who developed breast cancer had less than 10% of the average DHEA levels for their age group while those with above-average DHEA levels remained cancer-free. Most doctors recommend taking DHEA in the morning to work in tandem with the adrenal glands’ natural production time. 5mg strength capsules. Code:2DHA  
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