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Alternative Therapies:  Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy is the belief that water is the essence of life. If forms the major part of our bodies and is a constituent of most foods. It can be used to induce relaxation, to stimulate blood flow, to remove impurities, to ease pain and stiffness and to treat diseases. Hot water or steam dilates blood vessels, encourages sweating, relaxes muscles and joints, and draws heat to the surface. Cold applications constrict blood vessels, reduce inflammation and congestion on the surface and stimulate the flow of blood to internal organs. Steam baths were popular among the Romans and Turks, and both ancient Chinese and American Indians knew about the healing effects of water.

Hot and cold baths, vapour baths, hot and cold compresses, showers and foot baths complemented by strict regime of diet and exercise can cleanse the body of impurities. Anyone who is feeling run down, anxious or exhausted should be relaxed and starts improving after most forms of hydrotherapy.

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