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Alternative Therapies:  Osteopathy
Osteopathy aims to diagnose and treat medical problems in the framework. These problems may be caused by injury or stress. Osteopaths believe that when the structure of the body is sound, it will work just like a well-tuned engine. Osteopaths use their hands for massaging and manipulating the framework to restore normal, more comfortable function.

It can help people with spinal problems, back pain and neck pain. Many patients have sustained sports injuries to muscles or to the joints of the hips, knees, ankles, feet, wrists, shoulders or elbows. Older people can also find treatment beneficial. During pregnancy many women develop back pain because of a change in posture, and they too, can often be helped by osteopathic treatment.

The osteopath will first want to know how your symptoms began and what makes them better or worse. Then the practitioner will carry out a detailed physical examination. Many doctors recognise the benefits of osteopathy for people suffering from mechanical problems or strains. More and more general practitioners refer patients to registered osteopaths.

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