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Alternative Therapies:  Kinesiology
Kinesiology is balancing health by testing muscles. For example, when your knee is tapped to test your refleses, your leg will involuntarily jerk upwards. Based on a system of diagnosis and treatment and similar reactions, in 1964 the therapy of Kinesology was borne (originating from the greek word ‘kinesis’, meaning motion sickness). Practitioners believe that each group of muscles is related to the other parts of the body; the organs, digestive systems, glands, bones and circulation. How a muscle responds in tests to gentle manual pressure, reveales to the practitioner how the whole body is functioning. Kinesiologists do not diagnose illness. They look for imbalances or deficiencies in nutrition and energy. Having pinpoint any trouble spots, practitioners try to revitalise them by giving a light, fingertip massage to pressure points on the body and scalp. Most of these points are some distance from the muscles they relate to. The theory is that because muscles rely upon good supply of blood and lymph ( a body fluid which carries away poisons and drains the tissues), stimulating appropriate pressure points enhance the blood flow to the muscles concerned and balances the lympathatic system. It is also believed that our bodies contain an invesible energy, like an electric current running through circuits that control body functions. Muscle testing is seen as a way of checking the circuits to give a practitioner a clear picture of the patient’s state of health. The practitioner then tries to ‘reset’ the circuits found to be out of balance. Kinesiology is also used as a preventive measure. Practitioners claim that they can identify imbalances which, if neglected, could lead to problems in later years. Practitioners believe that this therapy is best known for aiding people who have an Allergy or sensetivity to certain foods. If certain foods cause instant muscle weakness, then the patient is said to be allergic to them. The allergy can result in many symptoms, such as Catarrh, Colds, Depression, Head Aches, Tension, Tiredness and weakened Immune System. Kinesiology also claims the ability to pinpoint deficiences in Vitamins and Minerals and digestive problems. Conditions such as lack of Energy, frequent minor illnesses, and being generally run down are believed to be made worse by internal stagnation of body fluids. Practitioners claim to treat the conditions by balancing the Lymphatic system and improving blood flow. Kinesologist also claim that their methods can relieve or resolve Phobia and Fear. The Kinesiologist starts by asking about your case history, then your major muscle groups are systematically tested.
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