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Alternative Therapies:  Chiropractic

Chiropractors set out to correct disorders of the joints, muscles and spine. Spinal problems can cause pain in the spine and other parts of the body including the shoulder, arm, hip and leg. In some ways chiropractic is similar to osteopathy. Neither therapy uses drugs or surgery. The major difference between them is that chiropractors make greater use of X-rays and conventional diagnostic methods than osteopaths. It can help people with whiplash injuries. Headaches are another common ailment treated by chiropractic. Sportsmen suffering from damaged ligaments, injured tendons, wrenched knees may also benefit from chiropractic.

Always make sure that a practitioner is fully qualified. At the first consultation the chiropractor will want to know your medical history, as well as the current problem. He will then examine you, feeling for areas of muscle spasm, pain and tenderness. An X-ray will probably be taken, the practitioner will decide whether chiropractic treatment will help, or if you should rely on a doctor.

Like osteopathy, chiropractic is now a well-accepted method of dealing with musculo-skeletal problems.

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