One of the coolest things about vintage photos is the ability to take away from the mundane and focus your attention on something that is not only fascinating, but also completely inspirational and touching.

If you’re new to yoga, or you want to see what it looks like in the past, this amazing collection of vintage photos will definitely inspire you. It was found in a collection of over 1 thousand photos of yogis in their daily practice.

This is a collection of photos that are all over the internet, but i will add them to my new blog. Every blog is different, but the following is a sample of what i would like to make my blog about.

Yoga selfies these days – a quick glance at Instagram is enough to see how far yoga photography has come.

But it turns out that catching extraordinary asanas to show your friends is nothing new. These vintage yoga photos prove that yoga has always looked cool on camera.

1. Athletes use partner yoga techniques to prepare for the London Olympics – long before the invention of yoga pants in 1908.

Loan : Stranger Things Magazine

2. Two women doing yoga on La Garoupe beach in Antibes, France, proving that photos of yoga on the beach have always been cool, 1926.

Ready : Identical eye

3. A group of children try the cobra pose on a pebble beach in England, 1934. Beach yoga seems to be a trend already!

Loan : Weather

4. Vera Richardson poses proudly at a pro-uniform rally, 1938.

Loan : Weather

5. James Hay-Kelly doing ultra-classic yoga in black and white, 1940.

Loan : Weather

6. Pamela Fawn warms up to yoga at Turnbridge Wells Ballet School, proving you don’t need an expensive yoga mat to deepen your practice, 1949.

Loan : Weather

7. Dancer in a relaxed child’s pose in heels, 1950.

Loan : Weather

8. Joe Clemendor uses his yoga skills to amaze a Parisian audience with agility performances, 1956.

Loan : Weather

9. Marilyn Monroe works on her yoga flexibility with Indra Devi, 1960. Together they brought yoga to America and made it glamorous in Monroe’s many yoga-inspired photo shoots!

Loan : Andrea Alves

10. Actor Anthony Quinn entertains Valentina Cortese with his breathtaking headstand, 1963.

Ready : Relax and let go

11. Laszlo Szabo doing yoga for the Hungarian audience on television in Budapest, 1963.

Ready : Weather

12. Images of classes like this one in London, taken in 1964, show the growing popularity of yoga in the West at the time.

Loan : Weather

13. Is yoga for women? These gentlemen practice yoga in a Middle Eastern park in 1970 disagree.

Loan : Weather

14. Violinist Yehudi Menuhin practices yoga for the camera, 1970. His hard work paid off when he conducted the orchestra with his feet in 1982!

Loan : Weather

15. Rosanna Campbell learns Ashtanga Yoga from the founder himself at the Sri K. Pattabhi Jois School in Mysore, India, 1973.

Loan : Wild Yogi

16. Singer Christine Sparkle works hard in her home in England, 1974.

Loan : Weather

17. Yoga meets high fashion when Khati presents this trendy knit pantsuit from C & A’s Autumn/Winter 1976 collection.

Loan : Weather

18. B.K.S. Iyengar teaching yoga at an international yoga congress in London, 1993. Good thing he’s a good teacher – the class is so full that a wobbly yogi can literally cause a domino effect!

Loan : Weather

What’s your favorite vintage photo? Create your own vintage style yoga photo and share it with us!

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