The sun salutation is a series of yoga poses that is typically performed in a series of eight to 12. It is a dynamic series of poses, where the body is stretched and strengthened while the mind is stretched and eased. It’s a simple series of poses, and yet it’s a perfect stress buster!

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Do you sometimes feel like you are a little too busy with your daily routine? Then you may have the idea that you can never find time to do something new. Well, you can always find time if you really want to. There are so many people who are not able to stay fit due to the lack of time or poor health conditions. But that does not mean that they are useless.

Even if you don’t have time to do a full hour of yoga every day, sun salutations are a great way to support your practice and add a little yoga to your day. Consistency is key, and a 20-minute daily workout is better than an irregular workout once or twice a week, even if it’s longer.

It’s simple, easy and worth it! As a beginner you can start with 4-6 sets, then you can work up to 12 sets. Are you new to the practice and don’t know how to do the sun salutation? In this free 30-day yoga challenge, you’ll master all the moves to build your confidence. Finish the exercise with Savasana and start the day full of energy and concentration. If you doubt your commitment to such consistency, here are five good reasons to do the sun salutation every day!

1. Increase the feed cycle.

Sun salutations are a great way to energize your body in the morning. It’s easy to do, and with modifications, it’s accessible to everyone! Start running laps and you’ll feel your heart rate increase. These sun salutations improve circulation, cleanse your blood and strengthen your physical body.

The lungs, digestive system, muscles and joints benefit from the practice of sun salutations. This exercise also increases the vital prana energy in your body, which helps to clear energy blockages. The series of sun salutations alone can be a good cardiovascular exercise that benefits the whole body.

2. Lengthen and strengthen your muscles.

The continuous practice of the sun salutation gives the body more strength, flexibility and tone. This opens up the hamstrings, shoulders and chest and releases tension. Performing the poses also lubricates the joints, which helps to maintain a full range of motion in the body.

Sun salutations perfectly relieve the spine, create length and increase flexibility. Leaning forward into cobra pose and slightly arching the back helps us to expand our space and breathe into areas of tension. The health of the spine is particularly important for our general well-being. We’re as young as our backsides!

3. Experience meditation in movement.

Greetings to the Sun is a series of asanas intertwined with breathing. As you move from one pose to the next, follow your breathing and let it guide you. The breath serves as a bridge between body and mind and is a special moment for a calm and moving meditation.

Let the mind follow the breath, and if it wanders, bring it back to the breath. Practice being present. Practice enjoying the moment and don’t think about how many laps you’ve completed or how many are yet to come. Become aware of the stories going on in your head and try to find a place behind them.

4. Practise honour and respect.

The daily practice of sun salutations provides us with the perfect place to observe our bodies. We are different every day, and the practice should reflect that. Some days the body is supple and efficient, other days it is stiff and tired.

Respect your body every day for what it is. See how it evolves with your daily practice and change the order if necessary. Try not to let your ego dictate your practice – you don’t need to go faster or deeper, because there are no end goals or requirements in yoga. It’s just you and your body, moving slowly and enjoying the journey.

5. Be focused and grateful.

Gratitude is a wonderful gift. Share it with yourself. The more you are grateful for the things around you, the more you will find to be grateful for! This is a remarkable upward cycle.

With these sun salutations, you can practice this gratitude every morning. Be grateful that you are awake, that it is a new day, and that you can move your body however you want. There are so many things we take for granted and only appreciate when they are no longer there.

The sun salutation, as the translation suggests, is a gesture of respect and gratitude to the sun, but you can also salute an area of your life that you are particularly grateful for. Devote every turn to something you’re grateful for, whether big or small, and you’ll soon feel your mood and spirit lifted!

With so many benefits in so little time, how can we not afford to practice the sun salutation every day? Have fun practicing!Sun salutation, also known as Surya Namaskar, is a series of eight simple yoga poses. The routine is a great way to exercise and stretch your body over a two-hour period. It is also a way to detoxify the body and wake up your cells, similar to the way a good night’s sleep does. If you’re like me, you don’t think twice about doing something like Sun Salutation, but if you did, you’d probably wonder why you don’t do it more often.. Read more about benefits of sun salutation for weight loss and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sun salutations should I do every day?

It is recommended to do three sun salutations every day.

What’s the point of sun salutations?

Sun salutations are a series of yoga poses that can be done in the morning to wake up your body and mind.

How many sun salutations should I do every morning?

It is recommended to do three sun salutations every morning.

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