Krista Scott-Dixon is a coach, speaker and author of  The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Health, Women’s Body Revolution and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom for you . She is also the bestselling author of  Emotional Eating and The Yogi Digest. Krista believes that emotional eating is the reason many women struggle with their weight, and it’s something she’s worked on herself. In fact, she’s a certified yoga instructor and has been one of the lead yoga instructors at the Yogi Bear National Park during the past two presidential inaugurations.

It’s no secret that life inside today’s hospitals is a lot different than it used to be, and not in a good way, either. Just think about it: the number of patients per nurse has fallen by as much as two-thirds in the past two decades, and the average length of stay today for a patient is 15 percent longer than in 1980. This is due to rising costs, changing surgeries, and a wide variety of reasons, but it all comes down to one thing: the hospitals are no longer holding up their end of the bargain.

Krista is not a natural athlete. To become an authority on fitness, she had to lose 50 pounds herself and overcome her genetics and fear of the gym. What are his fitness and nutrition tips?

I’m fascinated by what successful people do.

Krista Scott-Dixon is a successful person.

Krista is not a natural athlete. She spent the first 23 years of her life as an unsportsmanlike bookworm. She was picked last on the team and pretended to be sick to avoid getting a gym class.

She understands the challenges people face when they want to get and stay fit. To become an authority on fitness, she had to lose 50 pounds herself and overcome her genetics and fear of the gym.

At this stage of her life, she is still fit and healthy. Krista has competed in BJJ and grappling and currently leads an active lifestyle: boxing, judo, BJJ, cycling, running, climbing and strength training.

Krista received her PhD in Women’s Studies from York University in 2002. She works as a research director at the Health Food Bank and as editor-in-chief of the magazine Spezzatino. Both projects aim to promote good nutrition and the pleasure of eating well.

Krista is perhaps best known for her alter ego Mistress Krista and her website She is also the lead trainer for the Lean Foods program.

When she’s not eating, cooking, writing or thinking about food, Krista is scouring Toronto’s organic shops, farmers markets and small supermarkets.

I met with Krista and asked her to answer these 6 questions.

1. What 3 things do you think people do to waste their food?

Following a good diet is a bit trite and difficult.

Who wants to be like that? Of course, people have such a resistance to food that they emotionally and mentally associate it with frustration and pain!

People assume that people who eat well are somehow different – they are better, more morally upright, strictly restrictive in their diet or supposedly health conscious.

We don’t.
>We are normal people with jobs, families and different needs, just like you. We just make different choices.

If you think eating well is difficult or uncomfortable, you’ll find all sorts of ways not to. If you see good nutrition as a way to feel and look good for the rest of your life, you’ll be more inclined to take the plunge.

Did not learn to cook properly

As a result, people don’t understand what quality food is.

When you cook well, you eat well. They enjoy better quality food and a richer world of flavors not present in commercially prepared and highly processed foods. Cooking is a basic skill, but in North America many people have lost it.
But much of the cooking is very, very simple!

Here you will learn how to cook a chicken: Turn on the oven. Put the chicken in. Do something else for an hour or two. Get the chicken out. The end.

Once you’ve eaten the chicken, throw the bones into a pan of boiling water. Do something else. Turn it over and remove the meat from the bones. Here’s some chicken soup.

A six-year-old can do it. (And they’re probably better at separating the meat from the bone with their little fingers. Hooray for child labor!)

Cooking a good, tasty meal is ridiculously easy. You don’t have to be Julia Child.

Wow, huge artichokes!

Not being honest with yourself.

As a species, humans are incredibly self-destructive.

Either we are blatantly lying to ourselves, or we are not perceiving reality as it is. We underestimate our food intake and overestimate our activity. We forget everything. If we start a meal plan on Monday, by Tuesday night we’re convinced it’s long overdue and we’ve earned a cheat meal.

Write everything down and hold yourself accountable. Be honest with yourself. Those pants didn’t shrink in the dryer, and your body knows when you’re eating those Mallomars.

2. How have your attitudes towards diet and physical activity changed over the years?

I can’t believe how much I’ve learned since I started working. I think every year: That’s it. I can’t know more or do better. But of course, this is ridiculous. There’s always more to learn. I can always improve.

I really focus on lifelong wellness and disease prevention as my main goal.

I love sports results (and who doesn’t?), but ultimately this whole project is a way for me to escape an evil genetic fate. (A major turning point for me occurred many years ago when I saw my father in intensive care after two heart attacks. I decided I never wanted to see the inside of a cardiac intensive care unit again.

Ten years ago, I was on a bodybuilding diet. I feel like many people in the fitness and nutrition world focus on things like nutrients or the glycemic index without understanding the underlying principles of healthy living.

They are happy to have eaten 150 grams of protein today, but their psychological state is dysfunctional as a result of that protein intake.

Or they ate a bunch of stimulants that mimicked the chemical process of consuming fat, but burned their adrenal glands. (And the body will probably recover it after 24 hours anyway).

Or they were looking for a substitute for the so-called sham products that ultimately gave them no real pleasure or benefit. (Does anyone want a glycerin-flavored bar with alcohol)?

These days I feel a growing disconnect between the way I eat and the rest of the world. And it’s not because I eat weird stuff (I don’t think so). That’s because the mainstream world has become incredibly saturated with non-food products.

I’ve always been interested in healthy eating. But today I am shocked at the enormous health consequences our society has caused by allowing grocery stores to be filled with chemical waste.

Athletes drink blue drinks. Children develop their brains in a mixture of chemicals and sugar. There are cookies with omega-3. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching the Matrix.

In terms of training, I was more into bodybuilding. After that I did some powerlifting for a while. I am currently focusing on various martial arts and fun activities such as rock climbing and cycling.

I’m interested in things like evolving fitness, work capacity, real strength and developing a complete skill base. I like to go out and move heavy things. …. Or at least entertaining the neighbors. I want to be fast, technically proficient, strong and ready for anything, whether it’s strangling an opponent unconscious, pulling myself off the edge of a cliff or rocking a dance floor.

Actually, I want to be James Bond.

I always focused on what the workout was doing to my body. I still think so. But now I’m also interested in what I’m learning about my body and myself through practice.

My body already has this ability. I don’t have to force it. He already knows how to act, just like plants already know how to grow. I just have to take care of the soil and fertilizer and take care of them.

3. What is your favorite quote?

This question surprised me, because who doesn’t love the same old clichés? Be the change you want to see, blah, blah, blah.

Everyone loves the crap about striving for glory or perfection, but very few people actually put these ideas into practice.

So, in honor of the passing of my childhood sweetheart, I present an alternative view that guides my approach to martial arts training – the immortal words of Patrick Swayze in the movie Roadhouse:

Be polite until it’s time to stop being polite.

Drills for grappling training

4. What 3 things do you think people do to mess up their training?

Belief that exercise is only possible in special facilities

Where you have to drive often, under the qualified supervision of the expert (or assistant, minimum wage salesman at Big Fitness) and with the constant fear of injury.

This exercise must be done – reluctantly – within the time limit approved by the American Heart Association.

Besides, it’s not supposed to be fun.

My goodness, that sounds very motivating. No.

Guys, go away. Your body knows how to move – look at the kids who already know how to squat. And yes, they are having fun too, aren’t they?

Movement is life, it’s everything your body does.

Compare these two things:

  1. Cardio
  2. Get some fresh air and sunshine

Which one do you find the most attractive?


  1. Plyometric shoulder rotation exercises combined with core training.
  2. Throwing a Frisbee

There’s a whole world of happy, practical and useful moves out there. Start the search.

Think of exercise as a way to burn calories.

Again: Who can be motivated by that forever?

Exercise helps the body to work more efficiently and work harder. Exercise helps the body do its job better. The body is the only machine that works better the more we use it.

We’re like sharks. When sharks stop swimming, they die. If we stop moving, we also die prematurely, literally or figuratively.

Incorrect troubleshooting.

Or people set ridiculous goals (I’m going to run a marathon in 2 months!) and fail, then get demotivated or get injured. Or they don’t have enough confidence in their abilities.

When I tell women they can pull themselves up, they look at me like I’m crazy. Of course, you can’t do that when you’re just starting out. But you couldn’t read, drive or speak the language from birth, could you? They get it. They have continued and improved.

Can your little one read existential philosophy or Sanskrit? There was a time in my life when a 20 km bike ride seemed almost insurmountable. (Don’t laugh. Okay, laugh.)

Be realistic in your understanding of the challenge and give yourself the time you need to adapt and improve….. but with the long-term perspective that you will almost always exceed your perceived limits. Anytime.

One day you’ll make that move. Then 10 pull-ups. Who knows?

Now, Krista, complete the following sentences.

5. Fast food is…

…puts the industrial world to shame. And totally useless. A piece of fruit is the original fast food.

6. The key to my fitness and health success is…..

…to see him as the center of my life and not the periphery.

Bonus: What is your favorite supplement?

Real food.

Most people benefit from a good fish oil. And vitamin D deficiency is associated with many chronic diseases – so I’d say vitamin D is really important. Probiotics make my tummy happy.

That’s more than one, which is probably cheating!

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