The popularity of marijuana legalization has skyrocketed in the past few years. While it is important to remember that the use of marijuana is illegal in many places, it is also important to keep in mind that many users of the drug are using it for medicinal purposes.

You can never go wrong with a gift basket, especially one filled with organic products. Good weed is no exception. These unique gift baskets are always a welcome surprise, as they’ll not only get you back in the game, but they’ll also make you a valuable friend to have in your circle.

I’m a little late with this review, but I needed time to recover from a hectic Valentine’s Day. What, you think that asshole won’t make the printer work? My daughter, look at this body. Okay, okay, let’s talk about the trees. Washington D.C. Initiative 71 trees, that is. You want to know where to find the best, and GT’s has the information for you. Or, if you really want to see the biggest ass in town, here’s a link to my OnlyFans. Yes, it’s an absolute atrocity. Enjoy the chicky cherry cola. Okay, so, standard alert. I do not guarantee the safety of the products presented on this site. I judge the quality and I hope it means the same thing. You follow the advice of a deranged internet fool at your peril. All right. My dandies? So pick up the Dan, Dandan!

Purple Cheesecake (Heady Club DC)

word-image-9114 We start with Heady Club DC’s Purple Cheese(cake) because I know what my kid loves – effective sativa effects that will boost your productivity and keep you from going under. That’s it. Nor will it let you sleep at night when you have to burn the night oil for capitalism. Turn your brainwaves into a golden tube into which the goosebumps of your words and thoughts will glide smoothly. Speaking of sweetness, the smoke of Purple Cheesecake is incredibly sweet, with a nice woody aroma. Buy it now, thank me later. You have work to do!

Black gas (remote connection)

word-image-9115 Next up, Black Gas from District Connect! Magnificent shades of purple, so deep and dark, draw the eye into the infinite blackness as a black… Gross. Really? Is that the best you nerds can come up with? Sigh. I’m surrounded by amateurs. Anyway… It has a sour aroma, a sweet and tasty smoke and a high psychic activity. Black gas fires my ideas neurons, so I smoked some before writing, and it goes down pretty well, of course. Excellent choice for brainstorming, but probably too energetic for meditation. Always good for the day, but expect social implications when your head is in another galaxy.

Biscuits containing GMOs (Baking DC)

word-image-9116 If you’re looking for a strong indica that knocks out the caffeine, I recommend GMO Cookies from Baked DC. This thing no doubt knocked the gentleman unconscious at night and sometimes in the morning – or at least put him in a horizontal position. It’s great when it’s snowing outside and all you want to do for the next few hours is surf Reddit until all the memes are Polish and German. The GMO cookies smelled clean, but the rough trichomes made them a little heavy. Expect to cough if you don’t adjust.

Octane Mint Sorbet (Exotic Flowers)

word-image-9117 Exotic Blooms Octane Mint Sorbet provides a zen-like state of mind. The anxiety disappeared, the mood stabilized, all without fatigue. Suitable for everyday tasks throughout the day, it appeals to me the most (besides the creamy taste and light smoke) as a pre-workout. I need to lose some of those stubborn pounds, but like all normal people, I don’t like to exercise. Octane’s mint sorbet has been a blessing, as has playing Ring-Fit Adventures on the Switch, because beating little goblins with squats distracts my brain from the fact that work sucks. Remember, gentlemen, exercise is a key element of a successful sexual adventure!

Zookies (Lucky Chuckie)

word-image-9118 This month, Lucky Chuckie entered the winner’s circle with his Zookies flower! This is the mirror image of the previous item, but on the Indica side. You feel fresh, calm and in control after this sweet and spicy smoke, but you get more and more tired as time passes and eventually you succumb to the sirens of sleep. Zookies would be a great companion to watching a quality late night drama. Season 5 of Wizards just came out on Netflix, but it’s the final season. Sigh. Everything I love is disappearing. But you’ll never leave me, will you, Teddy Ruxpin? / Pull the string! Ha ha ha! You’re right, Teddy! Campfires are fun! /Pull the cord


No new entries this time! Here is my current list of smoked blends I like from the 71 brands at DC Initiative:

Cartridges for matches

There are no new entries here either. Very satisfied! Here is a current list of people who use the CO2 extraction team I recommend in Washington: I also like the resin patterns from Friendly Farms that I’ve seen at Bagged Buds and District Chiefer.


There are no new requests in this round! The following past winners are currently available: Joint Delivery Co usually has a good selection too.

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