You’re fasting during Ramadhan, and that means you can’t even have a sip of coffee. But everyone has a little coffee in them every morning. You may have heard that coffee and haram (religiously forbidden) food can’t be mixed, but how about a cup with milk? You may wonder if this will make you break your fast. Well, the answer may be yes, but it depends to whom you ask.

A popular misconception is that coffee is a “fat burner.” While there is some evidence that coffee can help burn fat and curb appetite, most of the studies done on coffee and weight loss have been small and very short term.

Cream in coffee during fasting. This is a common question asked by many people. Many do not understand if it is permitted to use cream in coffee during fasting or not. Cream is made of milk and has fat in it. Totally fat free and fat free milk products are good for health. But, you have to consider the milk is still made of animal milk. So, it contains lactose, which is sugar. So, coffee with cream is not recommended during fast. You have to choose milk based drinks or water. Milk is full of calcium and fat.. Read more about can i have cream in my coffee while intermittent fasting and let us know what you think.


Intermittent fasting raises a slew of concerns, including the following:

  • Is a vegetarian or LCHF diet beneficial for your health?
  • Can I have cream in my coffee if I’m fasting intermittently?
  • Will I be able to stick to the Warrior Diet?

Jason Fung, M.D. is a prominent authority on fasting for weight reduction and diabetes reversal throughout the globe. Here are his responses to those and other questions:

Low-carb vs. vegetarianism?

Hello, Dr. Fung. ,

Some of my friends are vegetarians or vegans, yet they are not opposed to fasting. I see the connection between low carb and vegetarian diets, yet both diets are unlikely to prevent or reverse metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes, rationally speaking. I looked up some titles on Google and came up with the following:

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Nutrition Study Ever Conducted, And Its Surprising Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-Term Health Colin T. Campbell

Eat to Live: The Incredible Nutrient-Dense Program for Rapid and Long-Term Weight Loss Joel Fuhrman *

I’d want to hear your thoughts on the matter. Thanks.


I believe that lowering insulin is the key. You can certainly consume a high-vegetable diet and yet have low insulin levels. You may also have low insulin by eating a low-vegetable diet. It’s all about the hormone insulin.

Jason Fung, M.D.

During the fast, use cream in your coffee.

I’ve been eating LCHF for about 6 weeks now and have dropped approximately 26 pounds, which I’m quite pleased with. My weight loss has slowed somewhat, which I’m not too worried about, but I decided I’d try 24-hour fasting, which I’ve been doing for the last three days and am loving. During the fasting hours, though, I have cream in my coffee, which really helps me deal. By doing this, am I negating all of the benefits of the fast?


During fasts, I also use cream in my coffee. That little amount of cream has no effect on my ability to get the desired outcomes.

In certain cases, it may negate some of the benefits, but not in most cases.

Jason Fung, M.D.

Are you having trouble sticking to the Warrior Diet?

Greetings, Dr. Fung!

I dropped 21 pounds over the course of many months by fasting for 1, 2, and 3 days. I hit a wall at that point and have been doing IF for the last month by missing breakfast and just eating lunch and supper. This is beneficial for upkeep, but my body seems to have grown used to it. As a result, I’m considering going Warrior and eating every day between 5 and 9 p.m. I’d want to hear your views on the Warrior approach, as well as if any of your T2D patients have had success with it. Thank you very much.


People who eat the same way every day, in my experience, ultimately reach a plateau, typically at a greater level than they want. Diet intermittency, in my opinion, is critical for maintaining weight reduction momentum. That example, I believe that performing Warrior, 16:8, or 24-hour fasts every day will lead to a plateau.

Dr. Jason Fung


Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

More inquiries and responses

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Coffee and cream are both rich in saturated fat, so if you are going to be fasting, you might be better off not consuming them both. If you are overnigh fasting you will lose weight. Drinking cream is a good idea so you can cut right down on the butter. What you will lose is calories you do not need.. Read more about does heavy cream stop autophagy and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink coffee with heavy cream while fasting?

Coffee is not a food, so you can drink it with heavy cream while fasting.

What can I put in my coffee that wont break my fast?

You can put in your coffee a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of honey, and half a cup of milk.

Will cream in my coffee spike insulin?

Cream in your coffee will not spike insulin.

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