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Fast growing technology, Honeycomb Cell is the new era of living that is generating new energy and health for all of us. It is an amazing technology and a new way of living.

Cannavative Live Honeycomb is a powerful, easy to use, and completely natural way to naturally improve your health, well-being, and energy. Cannavative is the world’s first and only Live-Honeycomb,  a special form of honey that contains all of the active ingredients found in real honey, but in a revolutionary live, organic form.  It contains a unique blend of several different types of honey that is engineered to produce the same medicinal and metabolic effects as regular honey, but in a much more powerful and pure way.

Cannavative Honey Concentrate Las Vegas is the topic of today’s talk, and if you’re wondering why all presentations have to start with something like this these days, it has to do with SEO. You know, I’d love to jump up and hit you in the face with a shark (nothing personal), but we’re not questioning Google, we’re just thanking the Almighty for seeing fit to manipulate his inscrutable algorithms to our advantage. Today, I’m particularly excited about a rare opportunity. You see, when I traveled to Vegas with the grace and dignity of a bachelor party, I managed to find live and standard (crumb) bee nests of the same species at the same source. On you. Living here means that the cones are frozen after harvest and not dried, so that all the wonderful terpenes we want to find in our extracts are preserved. We’ll compare them! Ah, my pernicious and predatory parrots, how I have missed you. Apologies for the slight delay in my correspondence. I hope you enjoyed i502 Drew’s article on Washington State and Judge Bud Green’s new ruling on delivery brand and long time Washington DC favorite GT Paper Boy Paper Company (he’s back, guilty as charged!). You almost don’t have an ass to cling to. Oh, man, I went to CityPaper too! word-image-4212 I’m trying, baby. I was first introduced to the Jilly Bean strain because I had read somewhere that it would be helpful for social anxiety, but as you can imagine, I couldn’t find that information years later. Oh, shit. I discovered this flower at the Sweet Relief clinic in Astoria, Oregon. They didn’t have pre-rolls and wouldn’t roll any for me in the store, even though they weren’t that busy and I paid extra, so I took a gram and went back to the tried and true method of destroying all the trichomes with my fingers like a dirty fucking monkey. The bloom didn’t seem particularly strong, a light sativa buzz that cheered me up, but that’s not to say I gave up. When the opportunity arose in Vegas to try Cannavative’s Jillybean concentrate, GT was on board that locomotive, baby. Finding a breed that helps me talk to strangers is the hardest part. And yes, I’m talking about women. If I was good at everything, what would you do, huh? Generally speaking, a grower has to be both challenging, incredibly uplifting or simply mind-blowing and make my mind spin like bingo balls on a Saturday night. word-image-10858 Cannavative’s Jillybean (Space Queen x Orange Velvet) – D, None of the above. It’s more of a mood booster than a pick-me-up. When I dab the standard honeycomb (I love that crumb name by the way, it’s so much prettier!), the world seems brighter, more alive and anxious thoughts are stifled. Live honeycomb sync offers a more intense version of these effects. I feel a sphere of lightness in the center of my brain, the effect on my mood is stronger, stress is harder to escape. Thoughts flow, interrupting each other, and every now and then a bubble of projects or drama pops into my head, momentarily diverting my attention. While there isn’t much gas in the Cannavative standard, the power of live performance can be downright debilitating. So I’m negative about social anxiety, but positive about anxiety and depression, and I think it would be beneficial to your creative endeavors or maybe to activate your chakra if that’s what you’re interested in. word-image-10859 Both combs are perfectly in tune. That’s how you make glitter! Each sample was a big chunk, and I can pull a part out without the whole thing falling apart, and the crumbs that fall out are sticky enough to remove with a tool. If the standard has a pleasant floral scent, Live smells absolutely divine and tastes even better, alive with lavender and sugar. This party will please the amateurs of sour tea. word-image-10860 I was very pleased with the quality of the two Cannavative Jillybean combs, so I have purchased more Cannavative products to try in the future! If I had a budget, I wouldn’t hesitate to go for the standard Honeycomb at $22.50 per half ounce, but their liquor is totally worth the extra $30 per half ounce. They are also accompanied by handy little printed cards explaining the strain’s pedigree, terpene profile and cannabinoid test results. There is also a small brochure in which Cannavative talks about its technology for extracting light hydrocarbons and other products. Very funny, guys. This gentleman is a fan.Cannavative Live Honeycomb is a non-invasive, all-natural, herbal medicine that can be used as a topical treatment option for pain, soreness and swelling associated with aches and sprains. It can also be used as a dietary supplement to improve your overall health and wellbeing.. Read more about cannavative logo and let us know what you think.

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