Most people assume that the strain they are smoking is the one that they are most familiar with. But, when they are taking the drug for the first time, it is highly likely they are experiencing another strain entirely. This is because the strain that the cannabis plant is growing for its flowers will be different to the strain that it is growing for its leaves.

For a few years now, a new class of marijuana strains has been popping up, and these new strains are often created by connoisseurs of marijuana, rather than the typical seed-bank growers or illegal growers. These new strains are created to produce specific effects, and they are often named after the plant that they were derived from. Indeed, THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana, is named after the ancient Mayan gods of creation (and destruction). As the name suggests, these new strains of marijuana are meant to create different effects, and they are often created to target specific ailments.

Because most people’s first experience with marijuana was by accident or through their friends, most people believe it’s the same plant or at least that there is not much difference between strains. But if you actually do some research you will find that there are many differences between strains, and to make it even more confusing, some strains are referred to by the names of their growers, while others are referred to simply by the strain they are.

Hey, great! Today I decided to forgo the usual review and instead have an in-depth discussion on marijuana strain names. Where do they come from? What do they tell us about the plant, if anything? Do you need to take this into account in your purchasing decisions? Do they even matter? Let’s go! OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Grandaddy Purp… are just a few of the hundreds of cannabis strains on dispensary shelves today. Where do they come from?

Where does the pot come from

The people who produce seeds, the breeders, give names to plants. That sounds about right. The seeds are then sold to seed banks for distribution. Growing is an intensive activity for experienced gardeners. Basically, you’re hunting phenotypes – that is, you’re growing a lot of plants and tracking the results to find the best plant to grow or use as a mother clone – but on a large scale. You should also check the actual breeding part. Cannabis is one of many plants, like hops or willow, that grow both male and female. You create sexy moments by grafting the pollen from the male plant onto the female plant that produces the buds we enjoy so much. The lack of industry standards means our talented breeder friend has free rein to name the new baby ganja. You will see common suffixes or prefixes on the names. Kush, Sour, Haze, Diesel… These words are thrown around more often than luchadore, and any overall effect is likely to be a fluke. OG used to stand for Ocean Grown and referred to a specific terroir on the California coast, but the word has been distorted beyond recognition. HOW! Breeders often take over the names of parent plants in their new creation. The Breath of the Grandfather also has the Breath of Mendo in its line. Blue Rhino is a cross between White Rhino and Blueberry. Or maybe it’s a creative mix! Space Queen, for example, is a cross between Cinderella 99 (a Disney princess) and the Romulans (an alien race in Star Trek). Thus, it is sometimes possible to know the origin of a plant thanks to its name, but this is not very useful in determining whether we appreciate its effects. word-image-9664 These seeds (or cloned plants) are then transported by less than legal means to growers in your state, as there is no legal way to transport illegal marijuana that is still regulated by the federal government across state lines. Sometimes it is a direct change for marketing reasons in the chain of producers and distributors. As examples, see my reviews of Temescal’s Wristband or Abatin’s Pincher’s Creek, which was renamed because Green Crack has a terrible image for an industry seeking legitimacy. Errors can also occur. Seeds don’t differ that much from each other, even from young clones, any more than most flowers do when decomposed. Their favorite brand receives a packet called Mendo Adem, it grows well, they decide to use it, but it might not be Mendo Adem at all. Who knows?

Nobody knows what’s going on!

No one would do that, not even a breeder, and here’s why: Cannabis is a living organism, at least until it is shot so you can smoke it, a heartless brute, and it is very, very dependent on the environment. My point is that if Happy Time Cannabis Brand in Nevada gets a clone – that is, an exact genetic copy, which the seeds are not – of Cinnamon Butter Kush and Gold Star Ganja in Oregon, it is extremely unlikely that they will grow the exact same plants. Unless the plants are grown under the same conditions – lighting, water, nutrients, etc. – you get slightly different results. – you will get slightly different results. In addition, some believe that the colour of the trichomes makes a difference to the yield – light trichomes give a spicy buzz, while hazy amber ones give a more indica-like buzz. Think about it! Maybe the variety doesn’t matter much for the effect. It’s all about height, guys. All about growth. That is why I repeated what I said, which, as you know, I do not like to do. word-image-9665-scaled And it doesn’t matter if it’s the same brand operating in different states! Happy Time Nevada probably operates on a different model than Happy Time Washington for some reason, maybe even a good reason. For example, due to different laws in different states or restrictions on business space. My reviews of Liberty Maryland versus Liberty DC and Bakked Vegas versus Bakked Denver show a clear difference in quality standards for the same company operating in different regions. What this means for you is that the Cinnamon Butter Kush you bought at Happy Time Nevada may not be the same as the CBK you bought elsewhere. I was at the dispensary yesterday and the clerk warned me that I would be getting Indica Headband, a strain known for its sativa effects. BUT! If you go to your local dispensary and ask for, say, sour grapes of Abatin, you can expect them to be identical or nearly identical to the sour grapes of Abatin you bought a few months ago and loved. It’s always possible that problems in the grow room have affected the harvest, but overall you can count on consistency and that’s a big plus in the PRO column for buying from a dispensary if you use cannabis for medicinal purposes or if you’re just very picky. I can do it, baby! Recap. The names of the cannabis strains don’t really matter when you look at the macro, because the Bubba Kush you bought here won’t be the same as the Bubba Kush you bought there. Maybe it’s not even Bubba! But if you like it, who cares about the name? Here at GTHQ, we strive to provide you with pictures of the best cones and use the names of the varieties offered without fail to direct you to the product offered. And we have some legendary albino bulls to hunt, so if you’ll excuse me, Trapper has a great coat with our name on it. I still have to laugh when the guy says people bring him dead cats and squirrels with hail for his job. Snort! Squirrel full of hail ????? Oh, my God. The course is over.

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The cannabis plant has many different strains, and each type has its own distinct effects on the body. How do you know which type of strain is right for your health? After all, you don’t want to have a medical issue when you are trying to cure it with cannabis. You can buy cannabis in many different forms, such as edibles, flowers, and concentrates. Each product has different effects on the body, and you may want to test out different types before deciding which strain is best for you.. Read more about gentleman toker edibles and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do they come up with names for marijuana?

Marijuana strain names may be a lot of fun to come up with, but when it comes to the laws that govern marijuana, some of the fun has been taken away. The results of these laws are extremely important, since there are many people who want to use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. Unfortunately, these people are often denied the right to use it legally because of various laws. Marijuana, the main ingredient in cannabis, has many names in many cultures. A few of the names you may be familiar with are: Cannabis, Marijuana, Ganja, Ganja, Ganja (Pakistani), Kif, Ganjika (Arabic), Bhang (Hindi), Ganija (Marathi), Mana, Dope, Ganja (Tagalog), Ganja (Punjabi), Ganja (Vietnamese), Ganjapur (Sanskrit), Cannabis (Spanish), Cannabis (Japanese), Hakka (Chinese), and Kamisa (Afrikaans).

What strain of marijuana is Dutch treat?

Marijuana has become incredibly popular in recent years, with surveys showing that nearly half of American adults have used it. It’s been decriminalized in some jurisdictions and is even legal for recreational use in some states, although it remains illegal under federal law. The most popular of the more than 100 marijuana strains are often named after famous people or places, such as Chemdog, Granddaddy Purple, or Durban Poison. Marijuana strains are like sneakers or clothing lines—the more variety there is, the better. In the United States, there are over a thousand different strains of marijuana, yet in Canada you’re lucky to find a handful of them. What does this mean? Well if you’re in the market for marijuana, it might be time to learn about the different types and how they differ.

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