I was growing my strains when my neighbor asked me if I had a couple of seeds he could use to grow some more of his plants. I gave him the two he requested and he came back a few days later asking if he could have a couple more to help him complete his mother’s medical marijuana growing operation. I obliged and gave him those, too. He came back a couple of days later and asked if I could have a few more.

Gabriel Cannabis Lemon OG is a flavor-packed juice that is bursting with the sweet and tangy flavor of lemon. The taste of lemon zest is also present, as you would expect from the name. The taste is a nice change from the typical flavors of these juices, which tend to be more of an earthy or berry flavor.

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, you may not have heard of Gabriel León, a professional horticulturalist who has been growing plants for 30 years. He’s currently working on two projects: a lemon OG and a cannabis-infused tea that’s laced with CBD.

Royal G. Toker recently pointed out that I don’t review anything except concentrates. Too much weed oil. HAH! Stop with the fake news, okay? I love the flammable blooms! You know that, ladies and gentlemen. It’s just that… . . Lately, I’ve been especially enamored with the Blue Dream or GG#4, bred by the Jungle Boys. That’s it! And because these flowers are hard to find, I get high on boiling gas, you know? It’s also good for your health! If I could stop eating donuts and drinking coffee, I’d worry less about my other habits, silly! Okay, okay, look at this. When I’m looking for a damn lighter, I have a vape pen on hand, so I don’t need a lighter as often. What’s so bad about smoking like a caveman? I’ve seen bigger deals, I’ve done bigger deals, believe me. That’s it! There are bargains everywhere. The best part… And you know what? I think Gabriel Cannabis is the biggest… Trust me, I do the biggest deals… the biggest deals…. word-image-10722-scaled Have a Heart Fremont, Seattle Oh, shit, I must have a lighter somewhere. Lemon OG tastes good to me since I discovered the following about their terpene profile: She contains a high concentration of alpha and beta-pinene, a relatively rare trait that she shares with Washington’s favorite strain, Blue Dream. But even more than Big BD, Lemon OG proved to be my favorite choice for any time or all day. Waking up and making or breaking a bong in bed is never a problem and always relieves stress, but not in the way a large dose of Blue Dream can, by immobilizing. word-image-4193 The last time I tried Lemon OG, it was as a sour sugar derived from sun-grown materials. I liked it, but any hint of lemon was drowned out by the combination of earthy flavors and black pepper notes. Sure, comparing buds to extracts is like comparing apples to oranges, but there’s something more sophisticated about Gabriel Cannabis’ Lemon OG. Each flavor seems to float alone in your mouth, waiting for you to pay attention to it without mixing in with the rest. Unless you smoke a pipe in the wind and the fire and excess lighter fluid gets blown onto the lawn. Shit! word-image-10723 Pleasant glaze on fully dried and hardened knots Maybe Mother Nature made one of her angry remarks. To truly appreciate the subtleties of a houseplant, it’s important not to set it on fire by lighting it. If you want to enjoy all the flavors of the herb, the temperature makes a difference, whether you use a vaporizer or smoke it the traditional way. Remember that even an ordinary lighter gives off quite a few unpleasant substances. I try to keep the time the herb is exposed to the flame of the lighter as short as possible, and I especially avoid holding the lighter upside down over the bowl (because lighter fluid is heavier than air). Slow, shallow draws rather than long, long draws bring the temperature down just enough to tantalize your taste buds! word-image-10724 Is Gabriel the best weed available in Seattle? This is definitely a top-notch smoke for $25 for two grams, and it comes with a nice sealed box. Besides, it was a sinsemilla. I hate to say it, but the unusually high heat in this area has caused an alarming number of houseplants to germinate, or start producing male organs (seeds). So what’s the problem with Gabriel Cannabis? The energy label does not represent ultra-high purity. I don’t think it’s 29% THCA. Not at all. The good strains just don’t have as much THC, but unfortunately that’s what people think. Therefore, testing laboratories ask their customers what percentage they expect and charge accordingly. DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU. word-image-10725 I don’t want to point fingers now, but what is certain is that using the arbitrary term generic cannabinoid is a cheap way to artificially increase potency. Gentleman said businesses have two options for dealing with the fact that marijuana is still under federal prohibition. One is to demonstrate that state markets are responsible enough to meet potential federal guidelines. The other is what we see here: misleading marketing of artificially inflated potency values using an FDA labeling format that we unwittingly trust. Yes, I refuse to give up high level moguls just because the power numbers are skewed. Gabriel assured me that they changed test labs, which is a step in the right direction. Ultimately, it’s up to each of you to decide what kind of legalization you want to see! I know where I am. See you soon!Cannabis Lemon OG is a strong indica-dominant hybrid, combining a heady flavor and aroma of citrus fruits and fresh cut lemons. Its balanced effects make it an ideal strain for treating ailments ranging from chronic pain to anxiety disorders. It also has the ability to induce deep relaxation, making it a great choice for helping with insomnia and stress.. Read more about pictures of lemon og kush and let us know what you think.

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