There is nothing quite like a gluten-free chicken empanada for a delightful after-dinner treat for a family game day or a casual weeknight dinner. These are a delicious version of that classic Mexican food staple.

Empanadas are great for parties and are a healthier alternative to deep fried foods. I love these little savory treats because they are so versatile. You can make them gluten-free by using gluten-free flours and a gluten-free dough, or you can add some healthy veggies and combine them with a meat filling.

I know it’s not really a big deal that I’m not gluten free, I’m actually pretty allergic to it, but when I’m doing the Whole30 or doing a Paleo diet, I always have to find a few recipes that I can make. I came across a recipe for empanadas and figured that I could make them myself.

Loseball Fantasy

When you’re in a fantasy football league, some days are worse than others. And Matthew had one of his worst days this past Sunday. He claims to have a terrific crew, but when put to the test on Sunday, he was unable to deliver, necessitating the necessity for Empanadas without gluten. I’d go into more depth regarding his roster and his loss, but I’ve discovered that as someone who has no financial stake in the games, I don’t care as much as you do! 

 Now, guys, I have to be honest, and I know Matthew will be furious that I say this, but I’m glad he lost on Sunday because it lead to this amazing dish! Matthew had mentioned that he wanted to feel like he was in Tijuana, so maybe I just channeled my inner Tijuana extremely well or I’m a fantastic cook? In any case, do yourself a favor and make these as soon as you’ve finished reading! gluten free empanadas broken4

The Crust

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gluten free empanadas hatsEagles is the third installment in the series.


 No. These aren’t the fillings you put in your teeth. Empanada fillings are what we’re talking about! Shredded adobo chicken and seasoned ground beef were the ingredients I chose for the love of my life, who was distraught by his dream loss (and was wearing one of the essential flat brimmed hats). And YUM is exactly perfect!! If you want to take these empanadas to the next level, we have a wonderful Mexican shredded chicken dish that you should try! 

gluten free empanadas taco meatGround Beef, Seasoned

 You can do whatever filling you want if you’re in the mood for it. You may prepare it with vegetables, three cheeses, tofu, or even a dessert – this recipe’s versatility makes it one of my favorites! All that’s left is to make the dough cutouts, fill these bad boys, and bake them until golden brown once you’ve prepared your fat head crust and picked your filling. It’s that simple, but if you want a more detailed explanation, watch our video above! Baking Tip: A Silpat Mat (as seen in the movie) was one of our best kitchen purchases! We use it for almost anything that goes into the oven, from cookies to pizzas, and it’s fantastic! It also eliminates the need for fat in your pans and makes cleanup a breeze! gluten free empanadas pinterest

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gluten free empanadas whole held

Empanadas without gluten

The recipe video may be found in the blog post’s body!

1 hour 50 minutes total time

3 servings

400 calories per serving

Time to Prepare: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Time to prepare: 20 minutes


Crust of the Fat Head

  • In a microwave-safe bowl, place the shredded mozzarella.

  • Place 4-5 pieces of cream cheese on top of the mozzarella cheese. Microwave on high for 30 seconds.

  • Remove from microwave, mix, and return to microwave for thirty seconds more.

  • Stir in the almond flour one more time while the cheese is still hot. Combine as much as possible (don’t worry if it’s not completely included!).

  • Stir in the egg. Knead everything together with your hands to better integrate everything – it should have turned into a dough (but will still be sticky).

  • Place the dough on a greased surface or a nonstick silpat mat once it is incorporated and uniform (used in our video). Roll out a piece of parchment paper on top to the desired thickness.

  • Make 12-14 rounds in the dough with a cookie cutter (or a wine glass). You may only be able to make 6-8 circles before having to re-roll the dough (as seen in our video).


  • Using a nonstick baking pan, place 6-8 cutouts on top of the filling (we did three beef and three chicken).

  • To seal the edges, place the second circular on top and press down the edges. We found that flipping the bag after sealing one side and then sealing the other side was a useful strategy.

  • Optional: For a fun look, run a fork around the sealed edges (seen in our video).

  • Place in a 350 degree oven for 18-20 minutes once completely sealed. Keep an eye on them and keep an eye out for them to puff out and turn golden brown!

Nutritional Information

Gluten Free Empanadas

Per Serving Amount

400 calories 248 calories from fat

daily value in percent*

27.5 grams of fat (42 percent)

6.25g2 percent carbohydrate

2.25 g/9 % dietary fiber

32.5 g protein sixty-five percent

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.

Chef’s Specialty: Main Dish


Empanadas made without gluten

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When my family and I get together to watch a game, we usually bring a few different snacks to share. Most commonly, we’ll have slices of pizza and chips, but my wife, Andrea, is a huge fan of empanadas and has made them for our football parties in the past. She also makes a mean chicken empanada, but I don’t care for them as much as her gluten-free empanada, featuring a yummy melty cheese and slightly crispy exterior.. Read more about store bought gluten-free appetizers and let us know what you think.

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