Did you know that more and more nutritionists are coming around to the fact that grains are not a healthy food group? The new “Hot Topics In Nutrition” blog series will cut through the confusion and highlight the latest scientific research on the healthiest foods you can eat. Find out why you should be eating wild fish, why you shouldn’t be eating white rice and whole grains, and why you should be steering clear of GMO foods.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, kamut, spelt and barley among other things. There are several reasons why it’s not a good idea to eat gluten, but the main two are that it can cause a number of health problems such as Celiac disease, and that it can be addictive in some people.

As the name suggests, this blog is about hot topics in nutrition . It’s not about specific diets, nutritional advice or the dangers of certain foods. Instead, this blog touches on a diverse range of topics in nutrition, from science-based to anecdotal, from personal experience to research studies and everything in between.. Read more about precision nutrition and let us know what you think.

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Increasingly, you find critics of the conventional model of diet, nutrition and conventional medicine. But is there a more holistic approach that can help you get more energy and maintain your health? You see, conventional nutrition is based on “a misguided idea that food is fuel, that we should eat only the minimum amount of food that satisfies our basic needs, and that this should occur in the form of cereal grains. If our minds are taken over by the idea that we must eat in a certain manner, then we are no longer making this choice on our own. We are no longer thinking for ourselves. Rather, we are allowing others to determine what we should do. In this way, we are becoming, in effect, what G.K. Chest. Read more about precision nutrition neat and let us know what you think.

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