The key to weight loss is patience. You can’t expect overnight results if you’re not willing to put in the time and effort. You don’t have to be a lush in order to lose weight. In fact, you can lose as much as 4 to 7 pounds per week by simply tracking every morsel you put in your mouth.

As I approached my 60th birthday in 2017, I had a sudden realization: I was at risk for becoming a “sitting lady,” a woman whose body had stopped responding to diet and exercise, who no longer looked fit for her age. I was excited that I was able to achieve my 70th-birthday milestone, but I was tired of being my husband’s “old lady.”

After menopause, Barbara gained weight and struggled to lose it. She exercised and ate what she thought was healthy, but the weight she wanted to lose wouldn’t go away. She heard about the low-carb diet and decided to give it a try. This is his story:

I am 57 years old and live in the UK. I took early retirement at 55 after taking care of my mother who was suffering from dementia. On the day I retired, I weighed 82 pounds. During menopause, I gained weight (10 pounds, 22 pounds) even though I exercised regularly and tried to eat healthy.

In the first year of retirement, I lost 10 pounds by exercising more and dieting. I was on vacation in July 2018 and a photo was taken earlier.

This photo was taken after losing 6 pounds. I had to do something. When I returned, I was visited by a friend who had changed her eating habits and . There was also a program on TV about diabetics and low-carb diets. It inspired me, so I decided to give it a try.

Since July 2018, I’ve lost 13.5 pounds, shrunk two clothing sizes and feel great.

I’m never hungry, I don’t miss sweets and I always feel full.

I was worried about my cholesterol. But this test was done in March of this year and was 4.2 (normal <5), all other measurements were normal.

I do intermittent fasting 16:8 a few days a week, but only if I’m not hungry in the morning.

I tell my friends it’s not a diet, it’s a way of eating. They are surprised at the change, but some are still hesitant.

My BMI is normal right now, but I would like to lose a few more pounds, my goal is 60 pounds (132 lbs). I never thought I would ever gain 62.5 pounds without starving, and here I am, thanks to your support and advice.

I hope this story helps others.



Congratulations, Barbara, on all your successes. Losing weight after menopause can often be a daunting task. For those wondering, here’s our guide on the subject:

Top 10 tips to lose weight with a low-carb or keto diet for women 40+.

/ Dr Andreas Eenfeldt


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a postmenopausal woman lose weight?

A postmenopausal woman can lose weight by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

How do you get rid of stubborn menopausal belly fat?

The best way to get rid of stubborn belly fat is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Can you lose postmenopausal belly fat?

Yes, you can lose postmenopausal belly fat.

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