Have you heard of Swerve? It’s a popular brand of non-nutritive sweetener that’s been used by many restaurants and other food service businesses for years. Now, it’s going to be sold under the name Swerve Sweetener, which is a popular brand of non-nutritive sweetener that’s been used by many restaurants and other food service businesses for years.

The best thing about Swerve is that it is sugar free. This means no one has to worry about those addiction-causing, body-damaging carbohydrates sneaking their way into their diets. This is an awesome benefit to anyone on a ketogenic diet or just someone who wants to lose weight.

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When it comes to using erythritol, one of my favorite sugar substitutes is Swerve crystal sugar substitute because it tastes so close to the real thing! And you know what? You can literally get great deals at Costco…..!

We found a huge 48 pound bag of Swerve granulated sugar substitute at the Costco warehouse for only $19.99, which is a great price when you consider that most grocery stores, like Walmart, sell a 12 pound bag for just under $8 each!

Let’s work it out!

  • Costco: $19.99 for a bag of 48 pounds = 42 cents per ounce
  • Amazon: $24.99 for a 48 oz. Bag = 52 cents per ounce
  • Walmart: $7.68 per 12-pound bag = 64ยข per ounce

By the way, our favorite sugar substitutes are stevia, erythritol, and monk’s-husk. All of these sweeteners occur naturally, have virtually no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels, and have minimal negative gastrointestinal side effects (which can occur with some sugar alcohols). Swerve is a great substitute for keto desserts!

Do you have any questions about keto sweeteners? Check out these helpful posts:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco carry swerve?

No, Costco does not carry swerve.

Does Costco sell artificial sweeteners?

No, Costco does not sell artificial sweeteners.

Does Costco have Keto products?

Yes, Costco has a wide variety of keto products.

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