Kia has been working hard and using their strategic muscle to shed 60lbs. They’ve been going hard at the gym to keep a good diet and lifestyle, and at their job as a Kia salesperson. They’ve had a lot of support from their loved ones, friends, and coworkers and we’re proud of them. We’re not sure how long the weight loss will last, but we’re sure they’ll be back in great shape again before long.

We need to make changes in order to get healthier and ultimately live healthier. We must look at what routines we have put in place for ourselves and how we can change them. One thing I have noticed about myself is that I tend to eat the same thing over and over again; when I would have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would eat the same thing everyday and nothing would change. I began to think that it might be beneficial to change my diet and eat something different each day.

Over the past few months I have been on a journey to get rid of most of the weight I gained in my late twenties. This blog will show you how I have done it, and detail the lifestyle changes I have made that have made the biggest difference.

Kia, 34, struggled to lose weight after gaining 60 pounds or more after her pregnancy.

She signed up for Coaching four months after her kid was born, embarrassed and unsure of where to turn.

She was initially adamant about not allowing her husband to snap her “before” images, fearing that he would be just as disgusted with her appearance as she was.

Kia traded in her baggy, worn-out clothes for cute, form-fitting garments and didn’t mind having her photo taken after following Coaching for a year and losing 61 pounds.

She now runs marathons and competes in awe-inspiring races and contests while juggling a full-time job and a family.

“I was inspired to work hard after seeing the big girl in the pictures,” she adds. “All I needed was the perfect coaching program,” says the entrepreneur. I’m now the fit, healthy person I’ve always envisioned myself to be.

The Transformation of Kia

I lost 61 pounds and 19% body fat!


  • 34 years old
  • 61 pound weight loss (from 199 lbs to 138 lbs)
  • Body Fat Percentage Lost: 19% (from 37 percent to 18 percent )
  • 50 inches were lost in all (from 252 inches to 202 inches)

Kia Taylor is alone in the hallway, dressed in a lavender sports bra and black shorts with a drawstring that can be tightened or loosened as needed, setting up a tripod for her camera and fiddling with the light switches.

The rest of the house is devoid of people. Her husband was out running errands with their four-month-old boy, so this is the first time she’s had a chance to snap these shots in over a week. She needs to finish it quickly before he returns. She can’t allow him to see her in this state. She’s worried about what he might think. He’s a nice guy, sympathetic and reassuring, but she’s not ready yet.

Despite her 200-pound frame and the fact that she shares a bed with the guy she loves, Kia has mastered the art of concealment.

Before he walks in at night, she closes the curtains and turns out the lights in the bedroom. She rushes into bed and hides beneath the blankets. She’s the first one up in the morning, in the shower and dressed before he even opens his eyes. She’s been hiding in her clothes recently as well, wearing huge gowns, baggy t-shirts, and cotton slacks. Tight elastic bands confine anything on her that bounces or jiggles, leaving deep impressions in her skin. She avoids horizontal stripes and wears a lot of black.

She can’t, however, hide from the camera. She’s out in the open right now, standing in this corridor.

She shuffles in front of the camera, takes a big breath, and smiles, satisfied with the lighting.

The camera shutters and the flash fires.

She moves her gaze to the right. Click. Flash.

She takes another step back, this time facing the opposite direction. Click. Flash.

She circles the camera to examine the playback. She begins to cry as the images show on the small screen.

Who is this mysterious figure? she considers. And why is she smiling at all?

Kia is sitting on flimsy paper in the doctor’s office, the loud, crinkly kind that covers every bench in every doctor’s office.

Her pregnancy is yet 8 weeks long. The nurse enters with a smile on her face and a clucking tongue. She says, “You are the biggest pregnant lady I’ve ever seen.” Some people’s etiquette. Sheesh.

Kia weighed in at a healthy 135 pounds before becoming pregnant. She was robust and athletic, despite never being a “thin girl.” She’d dropped 25 pounds by tracking calories and following fitness DVDs a few years ago, and she was pleased with the way she looked.

She ran a couple times a week and worked out at a nearby Crossfit facility, occasionally racing in weekend 5Ks and half marathons. She kept a close eye on everything she ate. She was even in possession of the system binder.

When she became pregnant, though, everything changed. People warned her that she would need to start eating for two. That is exactly what she did. She then proceeded to eat some more. Things she ordinarily wouldn’t touch — Burger King, birthday cake — suddenly became acceptable targets.

During her first pregnancy, most women gain one or two pounds, but Kia gained 15.

She claims, “I went completely off the rails and ate like a crazy person.”

The baby grew in size as the months passed, and she grew in size as well. Kia weighed more than 215 pounds when Lewis was born in September 2009. Not only had she acquired weight, but she had also developed humiliation.

“The first thing that sprang to me was, ‘How did I let it get this bad?’” she adds.

Being overweight, Kia realized, was a complete nightmare.

She said in her blog shortly after her daughter was born, “It sucks to feel large and slow when you used to feel strong.” “It’s awful to worry what your husband thinks and if he’s as repulsed as you are. It’s depressing to be one person on the inside and witness a whole other reality reflected in the mirror.”

True, Kia’s pregnancy gave her the best present she’d ever gotten. Kia, on the other hand, was left with roughly 80 pounds of excess baggage when he emerged and took his first breath.

She tried monitoring calories to get back in shape after the pregnancy and even lost 15 pounds. Then she ran into a brick wall. No matter how hard she worked, the remainder of the weight would not come off.

And it was at that point that the decision was made. Kia enrolled in Coaching in January, marking the start of a new year and, perhaps, a new physique.


Kia has been putting in a lot of work since joining the Coaching program.

“Can you tell me what you’re eating?” I don’t know if you heard, but dinner is intended to be eaten in the evening.”

Kia is eating broccoli, chicken, and couscous in the break area at her office at 9:30 a.m.

Her coworker appears befuddled.

Kia chuckles and explains that she enjoys eating “night cuisine” for breakfast since she began working out early in the morning. After all, she claims, food is food. It makes no difference when you eat it. And, in the last six months, she has lost 36 pounds by eating this way.

Her coworker seemed unconvinced. She inquires, “So, how early do you work out?”

Kia explains how she gets up at 5 a.m. — her “no excuses” time — to work out, return home, shower, dress, prepare breakfast for her family, and drop her kid off at daycare before heading to work.

“5AM? “Are you insane?”

This isn’t the first time Kia has heard something like this since beginning to coach. She already has a canned response prepared for her.

She explains, “Well, I want to spend time with my family.” “And I can’t do it if I’m working out in the afternoon or evening. It’s also something for me. I need that time because I have so many responsibilities as a wife and mother. It’s priceless. It also feels great.”

Her coworker agrees and walks out of the room, saying, “Well, I don’t think I could ever do that.”

Kia wonders why her pals seem to think they have to devote their lives to reducing weight as she sits alone eating her chicken and couscous.

She overheard a couple of coworkers discussing the TV show The Biggest Loser only the other day in the same break area. They were gushing about how great it would be to drop so much weight, but they didn’t have the time.

“Why not?” says the author. Kia enquired of them.

One of them explained, “Because we don’t have 8 hours a day to work out.” “And we don’t want to eat like birds,” says the narrator.

That was it, she concluded. That is what holds the majority of people behind. No one ever promised them it was easy to become in shape. That you can build a great body in just a few hours every week. Anyone can lose weight, become healthy, and feel better by getting the right kind of guidance and following simple yet powerful behaviors.

Kia worries how many other individuals share her coworkers’ viewpoints.

It has to be in the millions.


Kia enjoying a run, something she developed a passion for while in the LE program.

Kia leaped down a 15-foot cliff into deep water before swimming across a lake in the Tough Mudder, an event created by British Special Forces. She ran through a 3-mile obstacle course in the Warrior Dash and then overcame a fire channel.

Both of these incidents, which occurred in the middle of her Coaching journey, were one-time opportunities for her to step outside of her comfort zone. They didn’t do anything for her other than give her a surge of excitement.

No, she discovered the actual trials — and the true benefits — in running. Running, she believes, can be compared to the process of body metamorphosis in some respects.

You can’t wait to put on your shoes and walk out the door some days. Running seems almost effortless at those times, as if it were something you were born to do. Eating healthy foods and going to the gym a few times a week are both good ideas. It’s simple on certain days.

It’s the last thing you want to do at other times. Instead of the three miles you anticipated, you run two. You don’t go to the gym. Instead of running, you take a walk. Instead of a salad, you eat a microwaveable bean burrito.

Kia, on the other hand, has learned that no matter how bad you feel, you must keep going. Stride by stride, you discover more about yourself. And as long as you keep the pace consistent — as long as you learn to accept the good with the bad, choose the salad more often than the burrito — you’ll always end up precisely where you want to be.

She admits, “There were many instances when I wanted to give up coaching.” “There were moments when the weight wouldn’t come off, or I’d want to skip exercises or eat unhealthy foods.”

She tried to be gentle with herself at those moments, realizing she didn’t have to be perfect all of the time to lose weight. Kia discovered that if she just kept going when things got tough, focusing on small triumphs every day, she’d come out on top in the end.

Consider the sight of a fresh roll of paper towels on your kitchen counter.

Imagine someone walking by and ripping one of the sheets off. Does the roll appear to be any smaller? Even if a few more sheets are pulled away, the visible difference is minimal. But what happens when a roll of paper towels has 60 pages taken from it? So, how does it look now?

Kia is aware of the situation. She barely noticed the bodily changes at the start of her Coaching adventure. She did feel a lot better. She wasn’t sure if the procedure was working, though. She then revealed her new body, sheet by sheet, pound by pound.

She shed 61 pounds after a year of coaching.

Her baggy, worn-out gym clothes have been replaced with cute, form-fitting Lululemon clothing, and she’s jogging faster than ever, even quicker than before she became pregnant. She can now do four severe chin-ups without assistance, which she couldn’t have imagined a year ago.

But the best part is yet to come. Her body in the mirror now reflects how she feels on the inside: powerful. Sexy and powerful.


Kia’s outside had finally caught up to how she felt on the inside.

Kia is no longer shy in front of the camera after spending so many months hidden.

The ones that show her in action are her favorites. I’m going for a run through the woods. At a Crossfit tournament, I’m lifting. Fit people do things like that, and Kia has proven that she can move her body in whatever direction she wants.

She took Lewis, who is now over a year old, to the park the other day. Kia came to the top of the biggest slide just as the sun slipped behind a few clouds, carefully carrying Lewis with one arm, her tank-top revealing her muscular shoulders.

They took a moment to sit at the top, taking in the view of the entire park and watching the other kids play down below. The sun broke through the clouds, emerged from its cloak, and shone brightly.

Kia felt it on her cheek as she closed her eyes. She grinned, knowing that after a year of uphill climbs, she had finally reached a point where she could relax and enjoy the trip.

She dropped down to the sand below with her son in her arms, holding a camera to her husband’s face, documenting the moment forever.


Would you like to read more amazing tales like Kia’s? Then meet a few additional men, women, and couples who have shed pounds, improved their diets, and taken charge of their health.

Do you want to finally achieve the healthy, vibrant body you’ve always desired?

Many people find it difficult to maintain improved diet and lifestyle habits, especially when progress appears to be halting. What the professionals know: Change is constant; all you have to do is know what to look for.

That’s why, no matter what other issues they’re facing, we work closely with Coaching customers to help them stay energized and motivated, and become in the greatest shape of their lives.

It’s also why, through our Level 1 and Level 2 Certification programs, we teach health and fitness professionals how to help their own customers identify success and stay encouraged while they face similar problems.

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