After a long wait, Legends of Runeterra continues to expand its content and features with the release of Beyond the Bandlewood. Among the new features is a new mission – The Three Fates – which will have players travelling through space and time to face foes from Runeterra’s past.

What’s in the pack? A new champion, a new map, several new items, and nine new skins. Beyond the Bandlewood is the second expansion to the popular Legends of Runeterra mode, and it includes all of the above plus a slew of new features.

The latest in the Legends of Runeterra series is now live. Valorant is the latest in the series, and it comes with a bunch of new features and content.

The fifth season of League of Legends’ Ranked tournaments has begun. The tournament plays with occasional pauses to bring additional tournament plays, as with all tournament plays. Plays from the tournament are additional tournament plays. In the same way that more tournament plays are coming to the tournament plays, more tournament plays are coming to the tournament plays. Valorant is here with some tournament plays to patch tournament plays, just like tournament plays. Valorant is here with some tournament plays to patch tournament plays, just as more tournament plays are coming to the tournament plays. Valorant is here with some tournament plays to patch tournament plays, just as more tournament plays are coming to the tournament plays. More tournament plays are coming to the tournament plays, and Valorant is one of them.


Riot Titles’ games that aren’t MOBAs have received numerous new updates. The most significant was the Beyond the Bandlewood expansion for the online CCG Legends of Runeterra, which featured, among other things, nine new champions, new keywords, and an event pass. One of the expansion’s major features, the Bandle City region’s ability to allow players to use multiple-region decks, was previously mentioned. More details may be found in the above-mentioned patch notes.

The second patch is for Valorant, a multiplayer shooter that contains a small update that modifies the character Omen, tweaks esports observers, and fixes a few issues; it’s not a huge update, but it’s jam-packed with useful information for players.

What precisely is it, scouts? You’ve discovered Bandlewood’s hidden gems? So don’t just stand about, go to work! Hut-two!

Legends of Runeterra (@PlayRuneterra) — August 25, 2021

Riot Games has become a controversial figure in the gaming industry after a 2018 exposé of the company’s “bro culture,” which includes sexual discrimination and harassment. The event, which culminated in a developer labor dispute and walk-out, was blamed on many developers and high-ranking authorities. Riot has been sued by former workers and the state of California, claiming that it is refusing to cooperate with the investigation.


The long-awaited Valorant addition for Legends of Runeterra introduces a new neutral Elder Dragon that may be found in Caranthir’s Vigil, Bandlewood, and Foothill Rock. There’s also a new champion, the Dragon Knight, as well as a slew of new equipment, mechanics, and plot twists. Learn more about this balancing patch and share your thoughts with us.

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Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Legends of Runeterra expansion has just released, bringing with it a number of new and interesting cards and mechanics to the game. As with its predecessor, the expansion opens up opportunities for powerful and unconventional builds, and this time around there’s a new AI bot called Valorant to take charge.. Read more about runeterra patch 2.1 release date and let us know what you think.

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