You know those days when you’ve had a big bagel and a few slices of cheese for breakfast, a bowl of oats for lunch, and a pizza for dinner? Why not mix it up a bit? Low carb drinks can be a great way to curb hunger and keep you feeling full for longer. But which low-carb drinks are worth drinking? With so many low carb drinks on the market, we’ve put together a visual guide to help you decide which ones you should be drinking.

Which low-carb drinks are worth your time or money? Which taste great and are worth the extra effort to make? And which can you leave alone—or at least enjoy sparingly? You’ll find answers to these questions and more in our visual guide to low-carb drinks, in which we break down low-carb drink options by taste, carb content, and, of course, the health benefits they offer.

What do you drink when you’re on a low-carb diet? What are the best options and what are the most common mistakes?

Quick answer: Carb-free water is ideal, as is coffee and tea (without sugar, of course). Sometimes you can have a glass of wine.

Check out this visual guide to learn more about the right options, as well as what to avoid. Remember: What you add to your drink is just as important as the drink itself!


The numbers indicate the net grams of carbohydrates per standard serving (like at a restaurant when you order a serving). The green numbers indicate acceptable low-carb options. Beverages marked with an asterisk are subject to some specific reservations. More information below.

If you put a sugar cube in your coffee or tea, you are adding 4 grams of carbs (not good).

Size matters

While sugary sodas are always a bad idea on a low-carb diet, size does matter. In this example, the large soft drink contains a whopping 159 grams of sugar.

A small soda can take you out of ketosis for a day, but large drinks can affect you for much longer, perhaps up to a week!

Carbonated diet drinks – artificial sweeteners – ok or not?

Diet sodas contain no carbohydrates or calories. Instead, they contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame-K or stevia.

Many people think that diet drinks are safe because they contain no calories. But it’s not that simple, and these calorie-free sweeteners have their own problems.

First, these sweeteners can promote cravings for sugar, which is a potential disaster if you’re addicted to sugary foods. They can make it difficult to perceive the natural sweetness of real food. On the other hand, studies show that switching from diet drinks to water leads to weight loss, perhaps because some diet drinks can increase insulin levels (and thus increase fat storage).

In summary, diet drinks are probably less harmful than regular sugary soft drinks. But if you can completely wean yourself off sugary drinks and enjoy water, it’s definitely the best option. Read more

Low-carbohydrate alcoholic drinks

What are the best low-carb alcoholic drinks? Beer, wine or something else?

Here’s the short answer: Wine is good, beer usually isn’t. But there’s another thing that has no carbs at all. Spirits such as vodka, whiskey and tequila contain no net carbohydrates. That’s not to say they don’t have calories, but when it comes to counting carbs, they’re a good option.

The complete guide to low-carbohydrate alcohol

Low-carb drink recipes

We have many recipes for delicious low-carb drinks like keto hot chocolate or buttermilk coffee. Here are the most popular recipes of the moment:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best low carb alcoholic drink?

The best low carb alcoholic drink is a vodka martini.

What drink has no carbs?

A drink that has no carbs is water.

Can low carb diet affect eyesight?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has been shown to have many health benefits. It is not known whether the ketogenic diet affects eyesight.

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