“The ketogenic diet (or keto for short) is a very low carbohydrate, high fat diet. In this type of diet, you should consume no more than 20-50 grams of carbs each day. That’s only 3-5 medium slices of bread, or 1-2 apples, or half a cup of berries.  Now it’s not so simple though, because any time you reduce the number of carbs you eat, there are some side effects. Some of the best-known side effects are: Losing muscle mass  Headaches Constipation An increase in hunger And… Nausea But the lack of carbs is only one part of the keto diet, and it’s not

Low-carb diets come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s a lot to learn about the different types of low-carb diets. It’s important to learn about different low-carb diets because it could impact how you manage your body in the long term.

Important: Don’t be afraid of fat!

After years of being told to avoid fat and follow a low-fat diet, many people find that the hardest part of a diet is adding fat. A low-carb diet needs fat, especially in the beginning. Fat adds flavor and calories. Use butter, coconut oil, high-fat cheese, olive oil, avocado oil and even beef and bacon fat. But don’t overdo it, because eating too much fat can prevent you from burning stored fat. Here are some simple tips.

Like the engine of a hybrid car, the body can burn two types of fuel for its energy needs. 1) glucose from the breakdown of carbohydrates, and 2) fat. When you stop consuming large amounts of carbohydrates, your body’s engine switches to burning fat. It burns either the fat you ate or the fat stored in your body in fatty tissues (like belly fat).

The body only switches to using fat as its primary fuel when carbohydrates are scarce. This diet is also called the low-carbohydrate high-fat diet (LCHF) because that’s how you eat. The exception may be if you are trying to lose a lot of weight. So instead of eating a lot of fat, you may not need to eat a lot of fat at all, because your body uses stored fat for energy instead of large amounts of fat from food.

How do you know how much fat to eat? Add enough to enjoy the meal. If you like to eat and you’re not hungry, you probably don’t need to eat more fat.

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Don’t deny yourself the fat in the beginning. Eat so much that you are full and don’t feel hungry. Reducing carbs helps you adapt to fat, which means you burn fat efficiently for fuel. Fatty foods help you transition without feeling hungry or craving food. You’ll know you’re getting used to the fat when you don’t have to eat every few hours, and you won’t suffer the peaks and valleys (cravings) that can accompany a high-carb diet.

As your body gets used to fat, you can eat a little less fat at each meal and let your body burn the amount of energy it needs from fat reserves. It can help you lose weight. If at any time you feel depressed, unhappy or craving, you can introduce fat back into your diet. Listen to your body. Eating more fat than your body needs can slow down fat loss. However, if you don’t eat enough fat, you may feel tired and irritable or have an urge to eat. Your body will tell you what it needs. Learn to listen to his signals again.

In short, start with fewer carbs, eat enough protein and add fat for flavor. You don’t have to count calories. Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. It’s easy and fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective low carb diet?

The most effective low carb diet is the ketogenic diet.

What is the number 1 worst carb?

The worst carb is white bread.

What food has no carbs at all?

Some foods that have no carbs at all are meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy products.

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