The ketogenic diet has been around for decades, and for good reason. It’s an incredible way to lose weight, improve energy, and fight disease. It works because it changes the way your body uses energy by forcing your body to produce ketones, instead of using glucose. The bad news is, it’s really hard to do. The ketogenic diet is more restrictive than a traditional low-carb diet, requiring more food and also calorie counting.

The subject of dieting is a complicated one, and while diet is usually something that is best kept to yourself, there are ways to get the information you need. The problem is that there are so many contradictory diets and fad diets on the market, and it can be difficult to sort through them all. What is really needed is a diet that can be supported by scientific evidence, and that is sustainable for life.

The ketogenic diet has been hailed as a cure-all for everything from epilepsy to obesity. But is it really the best diet for long-term weight loss? The answer is yes… if you choose the right foods, and you prepare them right.


If you’re new to the low carb or keto diet and aren’t sure where to begin, here’s a fantastic new book published by Ivor Cummins and Dr. Jeffrey Gerber (two true experts) to help you get started.

Millions of individuals have improved their health by following low-carb diets over the years, and the ketogenic diet is becoming more popular (keto). Many individuals, however, are unaware of how low-carb their diet should be. Eat Rich, Live Long discusses how a low-carb/keto diet may help you lose weight and improve your long-term health.

Eat well to live long: mastering the low-carb and ketogenic diet range for weight reduction and longevity.

Do you want to learn more? In this video, one of the book’s writers, Dr. Jeffrey Gerber, is interviewed about the book.

This book will help you achieve your goal of losing weight and keeping it off. The book has many tips and recipes that will help you lose weight in a way that is healthy, safe and easy. The author of this book has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.. Read more about eat rich, live long audiobook and let us know what you think.

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