Pot brownies are probably the most popular way to use marijuana edibles in Colorado. They’re easy to make and tasty, while also offering a high that’s potent enough to last a long time. People have been using marijuana to treat a wide variety of health conditions for decades. Most of these treatments are based on the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, but you’ll find that there are a lot of things you shouldn’t eat. Even though marijuana-infused edibles are commonly used to treat a variety of conditions, there is no medical evidence to show that eating marijuana can help you lose weight. The idea behind eating marijuana is to infuse it into a food that you would normally eat. If you

If you’ve ever wanted to try consuming marijuana, but were a bit hesitant, then you’re not alone. There is a lot of hype surrounding marijuana edibles and you don’t want to be caught up in it.

Yes, it’s true. You can eat a 1000mg edible of cannabis, and it won’t have any effect. It’s called the “no effect” argument, and it’s used to justify eating marijuana.. Read more about edibles meaning and let us know what you think.

Although marijuana is a mild drug compared to others, it is powerful enough to cause great suffering in some cases.

Marijuana is legal in many places. Just be sure this means that somewhere in a frat, a stoner brother is sitting in front of an edible containing 1000 mg of cannabis, and his frat buddies are offering to eat it in one sitting. And in the spirit of party culture, he probably will. He doesn’t know yet that it will be worse than the worst mistake he ever made.

Although most states require cannabis stores to sell edibles with a limited amount of THC (usually 10 mg per serving), you will often find these products packaged with 10 servings, which equals 100 mg of THC. For a newcomer to the world of edible weed, 100mg will have him on his back within hours and probably cause such a panic that he will forget the drug forever.

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Seriously, even 50mg can give a beginner black terror. This is one reason why responsible use advocates often advise beginners to start with 5 to 10 mg to test, and then after a few hours increase the dose if necessary. Because once you’ve consumed 100 mg of edible THC, there’s no going back. And when it starts, you want to turn around, and fast.

There is nothing to stop a user from buying multiple packs of marijuana and consuming them all at once. There have been cases of cannabis reporters, many of whom believe that by documenting their drug use they will become the next Hunter Thompson, consuming between 500 and 1000 mg of THC and sharing their experiences with readers. These articles can be found all over the internet, and they are written in a way that gently suggests that you need not be afraid.

But you should be afraid.

While using large amounts of THC may be acceptable to some, it is not the most practical approach for most. Forget everything you’ve heard about smokers being more active, creative and functional. Consuming 1000 mg of weed will almost certainly lead to drooling anxiety, total inactivity, loss of creative control, and you won’t even be able to utter the word functionality.

The good news is that consuming a ridiculous amount of weed probably won’t kill you. That doesn’t mean you won’t regret your death. A non-life threatening overdose of THC can cause heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, extreme paranoia, confusion, loss of motor skills, anxiety, and ultimately the gnawing fear that you are about to swallow your tongue and be sucked to hell. Bart, 38, of Louisville, Kentucky, has experienced this firsthand. He told Fresh Toast that to this day he is still afraid of drugs.

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One night these girls came over and made brownies for our group. Before rehearsal we had three drinks each. But they took my breath away and I ate four more after about an hour, he said. That was a big mistake. Every hour I climbed higher and higher. Just when I thought I couldn’t get high anymore, the Brownies found a way to get me. It was fun for a while, but then it got so intense I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted it to be over.

Exhausted, Bart says his high has turned into a punch. My eyes were tired – that was one of the strangest things. I thought I had a lazy eye in the morning. Hallucinogenic effects have also been observed. I kept seeing angry versions of myself as the room spun around me. Honestly, I thought I was going crazy. I didn’t have to sleep either. I was so worried that I sat in the closet all night mulling for my life. I’m always careful about using supplements. I, on the other hand, have proven that weed cannot kill you.

Some people are so scared after excessive marijuana use that they call 911 or beg someone to do it for them. Nothing good will come of it. Depending on where you live, calling Calvary can lead to trouble with the law or a huge hospital bill a few weeks later. My hospital bill totaled nearly $2,000, said Tara of Cincinnati, Ohio, who was admitted to the emergency room one night after a severe panic attack caused by using incense. They just gave me a dose of benzodiazepine to calm me down. A few hours later, I was sent home.

Photo: Vyshnavi Bisani via Unsplash

In general, it’s probably best to avoid using such high doses of THC – especially in the neighborhood of 1000 mg – unless you’ve already developed a tolerance to it. There is no shame in starting slow and modest. This is not a contest. Some people do not become more spiritually enlightened by eating more grass than others. So don’t be a hero. And don’t be fooled by the phrase that it’s legal and safer than alcohol.

Although marijuana is a mild drug compared to other drugs, in some cases it is powerful enough to cause great suffering. Used in moderation, however, marijuana is edible. So the brother whose friends advise him against using 1,000 mg of weed has every reason to be high for another day.

You don’t have to worry.

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