Scarlett Moffatt is a British celebrity who is best known for her role in the E4 teen sitcom “Skins” and for various other non-showbiz roles, including being a regular on BBC Breakfast and a series regular on the BBC crime drama “Merlin”. She is also known to be a social media star with over a million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Vine. The 30-year-old mother of two took to her Twitter feed to reveal her weight loss secret to fans: she lost weight by reducing her portion sizes.

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Whether you’re working on your abs or trying to get that perfect hourglass shape, everyone is trying to lose some unwanted pounds. When it comes to the generally accepted standards of a balanced diet, nutrition and weight loss never go hand in hand. By blindly following this misconception for years, people starve themselves or exclude essential carbohydrates from their diet in the name of weight loss, negatively impacting their well-being. A common mistake is to stick to a standard diet of three meals a day, which leads to regular hunger pangs and grabbing for high-calorie, sugary foods to satisfy cravings.

There are many weight loss programs that have their own rules and guidelines. Whether it’s a ketogenic diet where large amounts of fat and protein are consumed and carbohydrates are avoided, or a vegan diet where animal foods are avoided, each diet program has a different approach to reducing body weight.

Celebrities and Weight Loss!

When it comes to following a diet that gives the best results in losing weight, most people tend to follow celebrities who have miraculously lost weight through a special diet plan. Obviously, losing weight attracts some publicity and creates a buzz among viewers. Many celebrities from the advertising and film world have shared their weight loss stories and inspired millions of people looking for an effective way to stay fit and healthy. Gorgeous reality TV presenter Scarlett Moffatt has recently joined the ranks of slimming celebrities.

Scarlett Moffatt Weight Loss Selfies that made a splash

The beautiful and provocative TV presenter Scarlett Moffatt recently posted a selfie that left all her fans stunned. Dressed in jeans shorts and a floral kimono, Scarlett showed off her perfectly shaped legs and beautiful jawline in selfies in front of the mirror.  Just moments after Scarlett Moffatt posted a new photo, her page was flooded with comments from fans admiring her adorable looks and incredible weight loss.

Conversion from size 18 to size 8

The Gogglebox star has always been open about her weight loss. She also released a fitness DVD to showcase her fitness routine and inspire her fans to stay fit and healthy. SuperSlim TMe Plan, Moffatt’s fitness DVD covers the complete diet and fitness plan she used to lose 3 sts.

Check out the next steps in Scarlett Moffatt’s transformational journey to weight loss:

Personal trainer for assistance

Scarlett first sought the help of a personal trainer who put together a low-calorie diet that significantly reduced her weight.

Calorific restriction for improvement

Scarlett says she limits her calorie intake to 1,350 calories a day and spreads it out over several meals throughout the day. The TV star also added that it was very tempting to give up her favorite foods and go on a low-calorie diet.

Exercises for correct balance:

In addition to a strict diet, Moffatt followed an exercise program that helped her stay active and burn excess fat. Scarlett reportedly lost 5 to 8 pounds from her original weight by exercising.

Do everything slowly and quietly

Scarlett has always believed that there are no shortcuts to success. She chose the same method to lose weight. From day one, she decided to take the time to lose weight.

Reinforcing old skills

We had no idea that Scarlett Moffatt was not only a confident TV presenter and a brilliant actress, but also an excellent ballroom dancer. When she first decided to lose weight, she thought about doing what made her happy and alive. Ballroom dancing was one of these activities.

Give up everything that tempts you.

No low-calorie diet, no regular exercise: it was Scarlett’s determination to give up all those treats that helped her lose weight.

Living after weight loss

After inspiring millions with her weight loss and new outlook on life, Scarlett Moffatt explained that now that she has learned to balance her body, she loves being a fitness geek and enjoying her favorite delicacies. After being bullied and shamed for her chubby appearance, Scarlett has grown into a confident, positive and strong woman who has inspired and continues to inspire modern women.

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