SunMed Ghost Chem Flowers are a unique and sophisticated way to achieve healthy weight loss, naturally and without any side effects. The Ghost Chem Flowers contain a carefully selected set of ingredients to target those areas of the body which are known to be associated with weight gain and obesity.

Claims of ghost chem flowers are nothing new, but thanks to SunMed Ghost Chem Flowers, you can now enjoy the effects without ever having to deal with the harsh side effects.

Today we look at SunMed’s Ghost Chem flowers, which I bought on sale at GreenLabs for $18 for an eighth of a piece. Why not? We will consider everything! If it’s good enough for the distributor, we might consider it. Sooner or later, we’ll get to everything. Pitter-patter, skids!

Who is SunMed?

SunMed was founded by Jake Van Wingerden. Since 2002, he has grown plants for Home Depot, Lowe’s and others on 45 acres in Earlleville under the name Tidal Creek Growers. So these people have serious farming experience.

SunMed takes its name from a Dutch greenhouse technology that uses sunlight instead of artificial light to grow cannabis. The greenhouse is generally considered an intermediate form between indoor and outdoor marijuana.

For your information, this ranking relates to trichome production/potency and is absolutely not valid from the Gentleman’s point of view. I continue to find indoor grown grass with serious flaws.

Here’s my favorite excerpt from the SunMed website: Our cultivation methods are based on sustainable biological methods that allow us to control insects and diseases naturally, without the use of fungicides and pesticides.

Okay, baby, now you’re talking my language!

SunMed has a cultivation license in Maryland, but no treatment or pharmacy license. Two of their facilities are located in Cecil County. I mentioned it in yesterday’s review – the (defective) Lemon Skunk Culta shard I picked up had a sticker on it saying the buds were originally grown by SunMed.

SunMed Ghost Chem Bag Call

You can find SunMed at many medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland. They were sold in these rather gaudy plastic yogurt pots. I took a few eighths here and there, but nothing really appealed to me. They are not exceptional in quality or lack thereof, but for the average very decent, and often lower priced than the higher quality flowers.

  • I’ve definitely seen thicker buds from SunMed than this Ghost Chem.
  • My eighth was a collection of little kinks and popcorn.
  • The trichomes are tiny but present and completely cover the small buds.
  • The size is smaller than normal, there is still a fair amount of sugar leaf, but most of the stems have been cut off.
  • No seeds.
  • The flowers have a healthy light green colour with long orange hairs.

Overall, the appeal of the bag… is good. It doesn’t look great, but I want to smoke it.

I prefer clear caps.

SunMed Ghost chemical smell/taste

SunMed Ghost Chem Flowers has a light herbal scent and a hint of chemical/diesel gas that the gentleman loves. Not great, but of the many possible flaws I discussed in the Bad Marijuana Guide, the smell of the herb through ingestion of chlorophyll is not a problem. You can smoke.

I must say that my joints smelled good, even though they tasted like weed. He didn’t cough much, but he burned unevenly. There is nothing to do for the larch buds, which turn into shreds as soon as they are put into the ground.

SunMed Ghost Chem Efficacy/effect

SunMed’s Ghost Chem has a moderate potency. This is what you’d normally expect from greenhouse-grown marijuana (although I’ve had some really great greenhouses). It also meets my expectations for the 18% THC it tested. The terpene content indicated is quite low (the highest content of b-caryophyllene is 0.32%), which seems correct to me.

I smoked a half-gram joint early last night. It cheered me up and calmed my restlessness for half an hour before I started to fall asleep. This is not the right time to get a call from a client!

The alchemy of the spirits was not so strong, however, and I managed to pay attention and make conversation until the drowsiness was gone. The effect lasted about an hour and a half.

I smoked another joint this morning while chilling – the result was similar, but without the drowsiness. I laughed easily as I scrolled through the discussions on Reddit – my favorite intellectual activity. This article about what patients say when they come out of anesthesia is particularly hilarious. I can’t wait to tell someone they can fuck a goldfish!

SunMed’s Ghost Chem is great for relaxing, but you need to add coffee if you want to work on it.

Gentleman, uh… Very good

Look, this ghost chemical is not SunMed’s best effort – I’m sure I’ve seen better. That explains why it was for sale. It has a weedy smell and is larval in shape. That doesn’t make it a non-smoker either, but it’s certainly not premium cannabis.

At $18 for game eight, I’m not disappointed. If it was the full $55+ for an eight, I would not be happy. While I value quality, cost also plays a part in my equation. I don’t like this Ghost Chem enough to smoke the rest now that I’ve finished the review, but I also don’t like it enough to avoid SunMed in the future. He is suitable if you prefer good deals and moderate power.

Ghost Chem Trunk Info

SunMed has been kind enough to provide pedigree information for this species:

Ghost OG x Tangerine x Chem 4

Ghost Chem, bred by Kyle Henderson of SunMed Growers, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain found exclusively in Maryland.  Very strong cones filled with a gassy, herbaceous, needle-like aroma.  This strain can make you euphoric, creative, calm, sedated, appetite-inducing and relieve pain.

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