As a yoga student, I’ve learned a few things that will help me in my practice. One of them is how important it is to hold true to your practice. This means you have to stay true to the practice even if it doesn’t make sense to you because you will end up accepting what you believe. The practice is what matters, not your convenience. When I first started studying yoga, I often found myself compromising my practice for my comfort, and it became a big problem. I was doing lots of things that were not in line with my practice because I was so used to doing what I thought would make me more comfortable. But, when I decided to be true to my practice instead of what I thought was right, I had the

As a yoga student, I am constantly trying new things. I’ve taken classes at crowded studios, on the beach, and in the mountains. I’ve done yoga with teachers with wildly different personalities. And I’ve practiced on my mat with people who are really into getting into poses and seeing where they can go.

What do you think being a yoga student means? Do you think it means spending your time on Facebook, watching tv, playing video games, hanging out with friends? It means so much more than that—it means you are on your path to real greatness.. Read more about yoga certification and let us know what you think.

The word adhikara means “studentship.” This entails putting out an all-out effort to become a yoga student. We are receptive to greater spiritual study and appreciation for what is being learned when we use the term adhikara.

I spent the past month putting my Adhikara to the test by visiting over 20 studios and trying out over 20 instructors.

Yoga, as we all know, is non-competitive and non-comparative. We don’t compare ourselves to others on an ideal mat, but how can we know what we like or what better fits our preferences and personalities until we try various instructors, retreats, or studios?

Keep an open mind to the whole range of possibilities.

The commitment and desire to study various techniques and instructors that comes with being a yoga student is part of this openness. You’ll discover that not every style or personality is right for you, but don’t give up. Otherwise, you’re denying yourself the pleasure and chance to learn something new from someone else.

The most essential aspect is that being a yoga student is accepting everyone and being open to the full experience of possibilities. That, to me, also implies that everyone of us, as students, is accountable for making that class the finest of our life!

Being a great yoga student means co-creating the most exquisite alchemy with your instructor, where we become yoga (yoked, in union).

When we live our Namaste, the light of what is good in me recognizes and enjoys the light and goodness in you, and we celebrate the beauty and love that resides both inside and outside of us!

Recognize that learning is a continuous process.

Practicing adhikara encompasses the whole spectrum of learning, and it also implies that we meet the practice where we are right now. A yoga novice should give it time before joining an advanced asana, much as a grade school student might struggle in a graduate class.

When I first started learning to play the piano, I focused on scales and chords before progressing to complete songs. Yoga is the same way. As responsible students, we should focus on mastering the basics before moving on to more advanced material.

Don’t grow too quickly, as I often advise. The Yoga Sutras describe practice as something that requires continuous effort over a lengthy period of time. When it comes to Adhikara, don’t be worried with the time it takes; instead, choose the tortoise’s path rather than the hare’s. Your body and mind will appreciate it.

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